Round Bathroom Taps ECO and aesthetic awareness, all in one

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Care in the design of shapes and attention to detail. The Round bathroom taps collection, with subtle and delicate aesthetic with the highest quality following the latest bathroom trends. Pieces that are designed to enhance wellness and comfort, but take into account saving water and energy efficiency.

The Round taps exemplify how with just one bathroom tap, we are able to achieve significant water savings in a hotel and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It is a design which is included in the WaterForest concept of Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms.

Round is an exquisite bathroom tap which saves on every drop. The key lies in its cold opening system. Technology which allows the lever to be moved only to the left giving full temperature control with the corresponding automatic energy savings. It has a flow limiter integrated in the single-lever spout which limits water consumption to a maximum of 2 litres per minute. Bearing in mind that conventional taps offer about 12 litres per minute, water consumption is reduced by around 60%.

An elegant piece, adaptable to any atmosphere. It is available in a chrome finish, as well as in the trendy black matt finish to delight the most industrial and contemporary bathrooms. With basin, bathtub and shower versions. Vanguard design with an ecological soul.

Arquitect bathroom basin + Round bathroom taps. The perfect tandem

There are designs which not only stand out because of their imposing aesthetic but also respond to the most advanced R&D research and technology. This is the case of Arquitect bathroom basin, a perfect complement to the Round bathroom taps. With soft and sober lines, this piece houses the high-tech Noken CeramicTM for cutting-edge basins and toilets. An improved non-porous porcelain formula which provides unprecedented durability and strength. Maximum quality materialised in greater hygiene, cleanliness and a pure matt finish of amazing beauty.

In addition to being manufactured in high-end ceramics, the Arquitect basin stands out for its wide range of aesthetic possibilities, being available in several models. In the same way, its fine edges should be noted, which by reducing its thickness and size, make the design more practical and minimalist.

The WaterForest range: saving up to 89% in water in the bathroom

Technology is simplified and becomes a way to improve energy efficiency and contribute to sustainability. Systems of simple use and high comfort, which help people to be responsible without any effort.

WaterForest is Noken’s commitment to sustainability. It includes a product range which helps to save up to 89% of water, as well as energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

ECO double flushing systems for toilets which allow a water flush which meets each need and can save up to 56% of water. Shower heads and hand showers with AIR ECO technology, in which water is mixed with air and its consumption is reduced by 10% without influencing comfort. Taps and shower heads which, without influencing people’s comfort, limit water consumption to a maximum of litres per minute regardless of pressure, reducing water use by up to 89%. Cold opening systems in taps, which avoid unnecessary energy costs. Thermostatic shower taps, which save more water and energy than single shower levers.

Solutions which also favour obtaining LEED and BREEAM certifications for sustainable buildings.



Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is the PORCELANOSA Group company specialised in bathroom fittings.


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