Rotana debuts in Morocco with swanky 5-star resort [Construction Report]

by | 02 Apr 2020 | Portfolio

This sprawling resort is now part of the Rotana portfolio. (Photo: Rotana)

Sprawling resort in Marrakech is rebranded to become Palmeraie Rotana Resort.

Rotana continues to expand into new territories with the reflagging and opening of a 230-hectare resort in Marrakech from the Palmeraie Resort to Palmeraie Rotana Resort.

We find out more about Rotana’s inaugural foray into the Moroccan market.

Rotana in Morocco

A huge hospitality complex in Marrakech is taking on a new identity as hotel group Rotana’s first-ever property in Morocco.

The 230-hectare development, formerly the Palmeraie Resort, is set to become the Palmeraie Rotana Resort after a reflagging which will see Rotana take its first steps in this North African market.

Rotana CEO Guy Hutchinson said, “At Rotana, we continue to pursue market expansion and sustainable growth by extending our brand presence to new geographies. With this exceptional opportunity in Morocco, we have reached a new milestone in our journey to transform the region’s hospitality industry.”

A MICE haven in Marrakech

This large resort has become synonymous with business and corporate events. Since its opening in 1993, the resort has become a key destination for MICE travellers, with the capacity to host 3,000 guests who can also avail of the complex’s 13 F&B outlets, golf course and fitness centre.

At the Palmeraie Rotana Resort guests have a choice of three separate hotels, the 315-key Hôtel du Golf Rotana, the Golf Club Rotana with 11 suites and the 314-key Palmeraie Palace.

Upgrades are being made to these properties, and Hutchinson elaborates, saying, “We will immediately deliver upgrades for the Hôtel du Golf Rotana, the Golf Club Rotana and other key components within the development. The Palmeraie Palace will remain unbranded until it undergoes a full renovation, which is currently in the early stages of planning.”

“Our absolute focus, however, will be on improving the quality of operations, enhancing the product offerings and delivering a level of performance across the complex that will continue to enhance the fine reputation of this outstanding resort,” Hutchinson went on to say. Tourism in Morocco has been steadily climbing in recent years, with 13 million visitors arriving in 2019.


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