RIU launches hygiene manual for post-Covid19 reopenings

by | 28 May 2020 | Hotel Openings, Portfolio

RIU Hotels & Resorts released new hygiene protocols for various hotel departments. (Photo from Unsplash by Kelly Sikkema)

RIU Hotels & Resorts has created 17 hygiene protocols spanning all aspects of hotel operations to help properties navigate post-COVID-19 reopenings.

Over the past few weeks, RIU Hotels & Resorts has been working on developing 17 hygiene protocols that will guide hotels through the challenging time of reopening after COVID-19.

We find out more about these new procedures and how they will impact operations.

New hygiene standards for a safe hotel environment

With hotels around the world slowly being allowed to reopen after COVID-19 forced many to close their doors, brands are swiftly turning their attention towards introducing stricter hygiene and sanitation measures, with a view to creating a safer and more secure environment for guests and staff alike.

For its part, RIU has released 17 new hygiene protocols spanning departments including reception, F&B, housekeeping, spa, engineering, transport and the entire back-of-house. These measures are designed to help properties make a success of reopening by, for example, limiting the number of guests staying and ensuring facilities are safe.

Collaborating with health and safety experts

RIU’s hygiene and sanitation guidelines were developed together with Preverisk Group, an international consultancy specialising in health and safety advice, auditing and training in the hotel and tourism industry. To help hotels better implement the new protocols, Preverisk has created training modules for management to use when teaching their staff about the new procedures.

Now that this framework has been created, RIU is making its new hygiene manual available industry-wide to support efforts by the hospitality industry as a whole to recover. The protocols have also been shared with the Spanish government, other governing bodies and TUI Group.

Ensuring flawless implementation

RIU acknowledges that for the measures to be effective, staff must be given appropriate training, and so the company is investing significantly into educating its teams. This includes offering practical training, as well as sharing advice about how to get the best out of new cleaning supplies and equipment.

Procedures outlined in RIU’s new hygiene guidelines

Here are some examples of new procedures that will be implemented at RIU properties:

  • Occupancy at hotels will be capped at 50-60% for now to reduce the number of guests and staff present at each property
  • Online check-in and check-out will be implemented to minimise personal contact
  • Safety screens will be set up at the reception
  • Non-essential items like coffee machines, magazines and laundry bags will be removed from rooms to reduce the number of surfaces that could be at risk
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided in all rooms
  • All staff will wear personal protective equipment
  • New virucidal cleaning products will be introduced
  • Frequently handled items such as doorknobs, TV remotes, telephones and taps will be disinfected daily



RIU Hotels & Resorts was founded in Mallorca, Spain in 1953 as a small summer business for the Riu family, and is currently owned by TUI and the Riu family, and run by the third generation of the family.