Pros and Cons of buying Smart TVs for your hotel guest rooms

Smart TVs may not be right for your hotel guest rooms. KniTec - the industry leader in hospitality technology - explains why.

The rise of smart televisions in hotel rooms has been a controversial topic for many travelers. These sophisticated TVs offer guests a range of features, from streaming services to interactive apps. But is it worth it? Here, we take a look at the pros and cons of hotel guest-room smart TVs. 


  1. Convenience: Smart TVs offer hotel guests an unprecedented level of convenience. Instead of relying on the limited selection of cable TV channels, guests can access their favorite streaming services and apps with the touch of a button. This makes it easy for travelers to stay up to date on the news, watch their favorite shows, and even check out local attractions. 
  2. Improved guest experience: Smart TVs can enhance the guest experience by providing access to a wide range of services and features. Guests can use the TV to access room service menus, order in-room dining, or even book spa services. This makes it easy for guests to make the most of their stay. 
  3. Increased connectivity: Smart TVs are also a great way to stay connected. Guests can use the TV to access social media, check their emails, and even make video calls. This is especially beneficial for business travelers, who need to stay in touch with their teams back home. 



  1. Cost: Smart TVs come with a hefty price tag. This can add to the cost of the guest room, making it difficult for some hotels to offer competitive rates. 
  2. Privacy issues: Smart TVs can also raise concerns about privacy. Many of these TVs are connected to the internet and store personal information, such as browsing history and search queries. This can leave guests vulnerable to hackers and other cyber security threats. 
  3. Outdated technology: Smart TVs also tend to be quickly outdated. As technology advances, the features and services available on these TVs become outdated. This can leave guests feeling frustrated, as they are unable to access the latest services. 


Overall, hotel guest-room smart TVs offer a range of features and services that can enhance the guest experience. But they also come with a hefty price tag, privacy issues, and the potential for outdated technology. Ultimately, it’s up to each hotel to decide if the pros outweigh the cons.

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