Project of the Week: Azulik Alula Resort

Imagery courtesy of PRNewsfoto/Royal Commission for Alula.
Our spectacular Project of the Week is an eco-luxury resort taking shape within the stunning desert outpost of Alula in north west Saudi Arabia.

Azulik Alula Resort is being spearheaded by the Royal Commission for Alula (RCU) within the Journey Through Time (JTT) masterplan, described as the world’s largest living museum.

Natural harmony

Designed in harmony with the natural environment, the new resort will be aligned with the Sustainability Charter for AlUla, Saudi Green Initiative, and the government’s Vision 2030 economy diversification programme.

The property will be located in the Nabatean Horizon District of the JTT masterplan, tucked into canyons near the AlMutadil Equestrian Village development and Wadi AlFann, an ancient valley that will soon be home to a large-scale outdoor sculpture park.

Undulating exteriors

Slated to launch in 2027, the resort will feature 76 luxury villas of six different varieties, a spa, a VIP club, welcome lounges, all-day dining, and a SFER IK art museum. With flowing designs inspired by the natural ecosystem and surrounding sandstone cliffs, the resort’s undulating exteriors will utilise natural materials and fibres woven into several layers.

Azulik Alula Resort will promote connection with AlUla’s heritage and the area’s ecology and biodiversity. For example, the development will protect and incorporate nearby ancient rock art inscriptions, and utilise a natural system of existing waterways to feed irrigation and safeguard against floods. No private vehicle traffic will be allowed on-property; instead an all-electric mobility system will be provided, along with horse and camel routes, and hiking trails for guests to enjoy the surroundings.

Socioeconomic benefits

Operated by Mexican luxury brand Azulik and designed by sister company Roth Architecture, the resort will be designed to offer elegant accommodations for guests and to provide socioeconomic benefits for the Alula community.

The Mexican architectural firm’s creations are rooted in the unique combination of three fundamental pillars: nature, ancestry, and art. Following natural geometry and influenced by Mayan culture, the designs for both the hotel and the SFER IK museum emulate ancient nomad camps.

Local material use

Once fully operational, the resort will extend across over 271 acres of desert, surrounded by three mountain ranges carved by the wind.

Along with local materials and contractors sought for construction, most operational supplies will be sought from Alula and wider Saudi Arabia to further boost regional economic growth.

Leading destination

When the development was announced earlier this year, John Northen, RCU vice president of hotels and resorts, commented: “Azulik Alula is centred on the concept of sustainability and connection with the natural and human heritage surrounding this magnificent property.

“Along with its proximity to the AlMutadil Equestrian Village and Wadi AlFann, both under development, this resort is one of several assets contributing to Alula’s growth as a leading destination in line with our JTT master plan.” 

Heritage journey

Azulik and Roth Architecture founder and CEO, Eduardo Neira (AKA Roth) said: “As a tribe, we feel honoured to bring Azulik’s vision to Alula. It is with gratitude and profound respect that we embark on a journey into Alula’s vibrant heritage and culture.

“Rooted in its unique natural landscape, we begin a project that is both close to our heart and our brand values. These are our first steps together and I’m confident we will walk a beautiful and exciting path.”