Original equestrian art for hotels. Solutions for small and huge budgets

Animal art is a neutral image that resonates in the hearts of the people and evokes warm feelings. Images of the horses, powerful, elegant and beautiful animals always catch the eye and cause admiration.

The history of visual arts starts from the early ages of humanity from the images of animals and it is still one of the popular themes.

Equestrian art has a long history, because the horse during many centuries was the loyal friend to a man and accompanied him in wars, work, sport and trips. We can see amazing equestrian artworks from the caves 17 000 years ago to contemporary art.

In our gallery we concentrate talented artists from Europe and USA, who work with equestrian themes in any styles (from classical to pop art) and with different objects, such as paintings, drawings, glass, steel, resin, ceramic and bronze sculptures, mosaics, wall paintings and fine art photos.

Art collections for luxury hotels

One of the essential elements that measure the guest experience is the sense of home, being comfortable with a unique ambiance and atmosphere.

The original art collection without a doubt can bring exclusive context and complement the designer’s vision of the hotel.  

Promoting contemporary international artists bring to hotels many benefits:

– art objects can add the personality and exclusive identity to hotel
– create a unique own collection of art for the next generations
– resolve the problem to cover the walls in the rooms with a reasonable budget  
– build into the walls original artworks as mosaics or wall paintings (artworks made especially for the hotel with a full project vision)
– create commission timeless quality art pieces, classically elegant with the legacy of art history
– build a monumental sculpture for entrance of the building that will be an emblem of hotel and significant reference point for the people.

For an interior of exceptional presidential rooms, it can be oil or acrylic paintings and bronze sculptures. Artworks for high-visibility areas such as reception, lobby, lounges, bars and restaurants catch the eye and express your values.

It can be any type of art, paintings, sculptures, or mosaics.
An incredible example is a glass sculpture for the bar area. The white transparent Bohemian crystal sculpture looks impressive like a permanent ice sculpture.  

We understand that decoration of the many guest rooms and large corridors could be a challenge with the limited budget.
Some great solution ideas to use in interior design are many similar artworks by the same artist.

– original fine art photos
– limited series of posters from original paintings

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Katerina Morgan’s mission is to connect collectors and horse lovers around the world with the best creators of equestrian art.