Opening a hotel? When to engage a lighting designer?

by | 04 Feb 2022 | Suppliers

Baseline Lighting Studio – MGM Mansion – Macao

Have you wondered why you feel comfortable and homey whenever you enter a hotel? You may think that it’s the pieces of furniture, the architecture or the interior decoration that makes you feel the way you do, but these are not the only aspects.

If you’re about to open a hotel, you may want to hire a lighting design consultant like Baseline Lighting Design Studio to achieve the following objectives:

1) Emphasise the beauty of your building

If first impressions last, you want your hotel to instantly catch the attention of potential clients. Before customers get impressed by your lavish interiors, they’ll first consider the exteriors to identify if it’s even worth checking out what you have to offer.

Baseline Lighting Studio – Holiday Inn – Hong Kong

2) Make guests comfortable

Aside from amenities and a good set of furniture pieces, lighting plays a major role in making guests comfortable during their stay. From the lobby to the rooms, the mood you want to promote must be consistent. Setting up adjustable or dimmable lights on bed lamps is a good solution for this. Installing the correct type of bulb can ensure the lamp produces enough light.

3) Comply with standards

Hotels contribute to a large portion of the country’s energy consumption, with each room spending as much as US$2,200 on average per year. Studies show that half of hotels’ utility costs are dedicated to electricity. You can involve a lighting design consultant like us even during the construction phase. Giving us ample time to provide our input on light and switch placements will ensure every corner of your establishment is well-lit and the overall hotel lighting design fits energy standards.

4) Be more cost-efficient

Cost-effective lighting solutions will not only help you contribute towards greener operations but also reduce overhead costs. Using LED lights, letting in more natural light and utilising smart hotel lighting design systems are among the features guests look into before they book their stay.

5) Operate smarter

Smart hospitality and hotel lighting design involve the use of sensor-equipped solutions that can automatically control the brightness and intensity of lighting according to the ambient light in the area. They can turn on or off depending on the settings you’ve configured them to detect.

6) When you don’t know what light fixture to use

The options for hotel lighting design are endless.

Baseline Lighting Studio – Peninsula Hotel – Paris

Chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, LED strips, domes – there are several kinds of lighting fixtures designed for specific purposes. Some are meant for ambient lighting while some shine best when used for accent lighting. If you’re not familiar with these, you may end up fuddling your brand image.

Hospitality lighting design isn’t something to be disregarded as it has a major impact on your hotel’s brand image and overall customer experience. Aside from highlighting architectural beauty and enhancing aesthetics, hotel lighting can set the mood of the establishment, and create a relaxing and comfortable environment for the guests.

If you’re not sure what to do with your hotel lighting design, let Baseline Lighting Design Studio do it. We can take care of the planning, design, implementation, installation and maintenance of your lighting solution so you can focus on other important things necessary for business success.

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