One dish solutions for hot food

by | 03 Aug 2020 | Products

Pre-portioned dishes kept warm with a portable InductWarm® induction device

The concept of single-serving meals at buffets is already established for cold food like salads or desserts. With InductWarm® induction devices this solution becomes relevant for hot dishes as well – and it helps to follow the current hygiene and distance regulations.

Whether at the breakfast buffet, in restaurants or outdoor gastronomy – one dish solutions work for different fields of the catering industry. Within this concept, meals are pre-portioned in dishes by the kitchen staff and presented to the guests as attractive single portions, which are kept warm directly on the counter with InductWarm® technology. Guests only have to grab and go.

Feasible solution with many advantages

There is no contact between staff and guests. The grab & go concept reduces the time guests spend at the serving counter (e.g. at the breakfast buffet) and avoids waiting times. Furthermore, it allows an appealing food presentation even in the smallest spaces.

Device for keeping food warm

Ideal for keeping the single servings warm is the induction unit InductWarm® 200 – available as portable tabletop device or as built-in model. Each induction unit of this series comes with six induction coils; hence six pre-portioned meals can be kept warm with one unit. The device provides four power levels.

Special promotion: 5 years warranty

Your trust in Swiss quality will be rewarded! To offer some more safety during the crisis, all incoming orders until September 30, 2020 will benefit from 5 years warranty on devices of the series InductWarm® 130 and 130+ as well as InductWarm® 200.

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With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.

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  • Pre-portioned dishes kept warm with a portable InductWarm® induction device