Oliver Hemming: Introducing the award-winning Bluetooth speaker alarm clock Robin

by | 02 Nov 2021 | Products

Simply more beautiful

Oliver Hemming is excited to share the award-winning Robin Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock. Designed exclusively for luxury and premium hotels.

Robin has won a Good Design Award

The standout product in its class, this Bluetooth speaker alarm clock is designed specifically for hotels and wins this prestigious award.

The Robin Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock was introduced to the hospitality market at the tail end of 2020 with a 650-room installation at the SLS hotel in Dubai. Winning this award is a confirmation of its good looks, function and design, which make it the standout product in its class.

The Robin appeals to interior designers looking to get away from the traditional digital offerings that have so little human emotion or connection.

The designer, Oliver Hemming, sees this as what sets his collection apart from the others: “Our products create an emotional connection with the user and designers can feel that, and they actually want to specify our products rather than just needing them. Often, we hear people say that ‘we fell in love with your product’, which is a very powerful thing to say about an object.”

See and experience them at www.oliverhemming.com

Priced at US$189 and with a discount for hospitality, it has a bunch of industry standard features such as the one-time alarm, security tether and volume limiter as well as a very nice refined tone, engineered by a team of award-winning engineers that have worked with many other prestigious brands in hi-fi.


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An award-winning collection of Bluetooth speakers and luxury alarm clocks by British designer Oliver Hemming.