Navigating Hospitality And Well-Being Trends With Life Fitness

Explore the shifting landscape of hospitality, where wellbeing and fitness emerge as key priorities.

In a landscape where 73% of travelers consciously plan their trips to enhance their physical and emotional health, according to the American Express Global Travel Trends Report, the importance of wellbeing in travel decisions is undeniable. This trend is particularly pronounced among Gen Z, where 46% prioritize travel experiences over material possessions.

However, the demand for wellness extends beyond generational preferences. Guests across all demographics are increasingly recognizing the value of good health and its relationship to travel experiences. This paradigm shift is particularly evident in the growing popularity of bleisure travel – a blend of business and leisure. As longer stays become the norm, maintaining fitness routines while traveling has become a top priority for guests. The BCD Travel report highlights the importance of wellness amenities in hotels catering to business travelers, with 53% prioritizing access to a gym and 60% valuing healthy food options.

In the evolving hospitality landscape, the emphasis on fitness and wellbeing takes center stage, especially as guests increasingly opt for longer stays. Providing well-rounded fitness amenities and wellbeing offerings not only addresses the health-conscious preferences of modern travelers but also significantly influences overall guest satisfaction.

Hotels that recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle create an environment where guests feel supported and cared for. From well-equipped gyms to curated wellness programs and health-conscious dining options, these offerings contribute to a positive and fulfilling experience, ensuring that guests not only maintain their routines but also leave with a sense of satisfaction and a lasting connection to the hotel.

At Life Fitness, we recognize the importance of understanding the ever-changing hotel landscape and guest behaviors, ensuring our offerings remain in sync with the evolving needs of the hospitality industry. Our commitment goes beyond providing fitness equipment – we aim to be your strategic partner in adapting to the changing dynamics of guest expectations and needs.

Our consultative approach ensures that we comprehend the unique needs of each hotel, tailoring fitness experiences to align effortlessly with their specific brand standards and the preferences of their guests. With the industry’s broadest premium product portfolio, a legacy steeped in innovation, and meticulous attention to detail, Life Fitness delivers solutions that go beyond meeting expectations – they elevate the entire fitness journey. We ensure that the fitness offerings are not just a part of the stay; they become an integral and memorable aspect of the overall guest experience and satisfaction.


Life Fitness understands that health and wellbeing is an important part of the hospitality experience. We take pride in creating premium fitness spaces that meet brand standards, resonate with your unique vision and elevates the guest fitness experience.

As the fitness industry’s largest supplier of commercial equipment, Life Fitness draws upon its many years of experience to help customers create bespoke wellbeing offerings. Whether it’s adapting an existing space, launching a new gym, or providing in-room solutions, Life Fitness manages the process from start to finish; from equipment selection and layout, through to staff training and customer communications, the team can support the entire consumer journey.



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