More rooms within the same amount of space – thanks to Hawa Sliding Solutions

by | 18 Nov 2019 | Products

Almost invisible: sliding doors for suites with HAWA Junior as a wall pocket solution

More rooms within the same amount of space – it’s possible thanks to sliding hardware from Hawa Sliding Solutions

A weekend in Florence in spring, a few days in Oslo in summer or Christmas in New York. City breaks are in demand and so are centrally located hotels. But in popular tourist destinations, suitable plots of land for building hotels in the city center are often rare and expensive. Creating more rooms within the same amount of space is therefore the guiding principle when planning hotels today. This is the only way hoteliers can offer their guests attractive prices. However, these guests should not have to sacrifice their accustomed level of comfort – for example, a well-equipped bathroom or a seating area in a junior suite. Sliding solutions make this possible. Thanks to these products, a shower, a toilet and a washbasin can all be fitted even in a small bathroom. In exactly the same way, a junior suite can be partitioned with movable room dividers to save space. If the connecting doors are open, the room appears large and bright, but once they have been slid shut, the bedroom and living room both offer the desired privacy.

Proven in hotel rooms worldwide

The HAWA Junior Family fittings are ideal for sliding doors in hotels. They have proven effective in thousands of hotel rooms around the world for many years. The comprehensive sliding door system supports wooden and glass doors weighing up to 250 kilograms. The HAWA Junior 80 B Pocket model even allows doors to disappear completely into the wall, while the HAWA Junior Z Telescopic model provides multi-part sliding doors with up to three door leaves. This allows effective space-saving applications to be implemented. Thanks to their numerous variants, high load-bearing capacity and compatibility with almost all materials, Hawa sliding systems offer tailor-made interior design solutions. Thanks to the ingenious technology, the doors run smoothly and quietly, even after countless movements. The sliding door fittings, which are practically maintenance free, allow optimum use of space and guarantee accessibility in the hotel room – these are the unbeatable advantages of an economical solution.

Space-saving door solution for bathrooms with HAWA Junior Telescopi


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Rediscover the possibilities of modern sliding systems and their advantages, time and time again – with Hawa Sliding Solutions.


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