Livecookintable® – Outlook 2023

MEC2 GmbH livecookintable® General Manager, Thomas Heinen, shares his outlook to 2023 after a year full of events, travel, projects, and a whirlwind for the industry yet again.

In his own words…

“What to expect from 2023? Looking back at our outlook of 2022, we were unfortunately right that things would remain unpredictable. Instead of enjoying the end of the Corona pandemic and the normalization of life to pre-corona normality, we were facing a major security crisis. The Russian aggression against Ukraine has completely changed the political and economic status in Europe and the world. The people of Ukraine are continuing to suffer from the Russian brutality and the rest of the world is facing unseen inflation, mostly caused by rising energy costs, and supply issues. The disruption of the long-established trade links and thereby loss of the advantages of international separation of labor, has forced businesses to renew connections in sourcing as well as sales, and often re-invent themselves.

Nevertheless, many well run businesses have remarkably quickly been able to fulfill these urgent tasks and established themselves in the new and initially hostile business environment. I am therefore looking towards 2023 with well-founded, if still cautious, optimism. The risks of the new business world have become manageable, and we see increasingly new opportunities. The slowly receding pressures of inflation will reduce the uncertainty which will encourage spending in our segment. There is a high demand for luxury travel and people are willing to spend as the worst-case scenarios did not materialize. This, in return, will encourage investment in the leisure and corporate hospitality segment to develop the offering and keep up with consumer expectations.

We at MEC2 livecookintable® are planning full steam ahead, with the Internorga in Hamburg and Host Milan attendances confirmed. In addition, we are working with our key account clients on special events to further promote our brand.

My team and I look forward to meeting you in person at one of the upcoming opportunities, hopefully with optimistic confidence and without the recent crises in mind.”



Livecookintable is a German company that produces premium live cooking stations for some of the most exclusive establishments worldwide.