Life Fitness & Hotel Holzapfel Redefine Guest Wellness

Discover the collaboration between Life Fitness and Hotel Holzapfel, where wellness meets innovation. Together, they redefine guest experiences by integrating cutting-edge fitness amenities into the hotel's holistic health approach. Tailored solutions, expert guidance, and multifunctional equipment create unparalleled guest journeys

In an age where wellbeing and vitality play an integral role in the guest experience, the fusion of hospitality and health becomes paramount. One such testament to this is the flourishing partnership between Life Fitness and Hotel Holzapfel. Recognized for over seven decades as a beacon of exceptional hospitality, Hotel Holzapfel has embraced a new chapter by partnering with Life Fitness to integrate cutting-edge fitness amenities, culminating in a transformative guest experience.

Aiming to offer guests beyond the ordinary, Hotel Holzapfel’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service led them to collaborate with Life Fitness in the development of their fitness amenities. Renowned for its 2500m2 wellness area and exceptional spa services, the hotel sought to further elevate its offerings by integrating a world-class fitness experience.

Twice a week, the therapists of the Hotel Holzapfel offer an intensive introduction to the Life Fitness equipment, thus providing guests with an effective workout. This initiative not only enhances the guests’ workout experiences but also aligns with Hotel Holzapfel’s dedication to a holistic health concept.

Josef Christian Holzapfel, highlights the significance of this collaboration, emphasizing the importance of expert advice, functional equipment, and a wide selection, particularly highlighting the multifunctional SYNRGY180 system. The synergy between the hotel’s holistic health concept and Life Fitness’s innovative equipment has revolutionized the fitness offerings at Hotel Holzapfel.

The evolving landscape of guest expectations underscores the value of a comprehensive health and fitness approach within the hospitality sector. Life Fitness stands as an industry leader, dedicated to co-creating tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of properties like Hotel Holzapfel. This partnership showcases Life Fitness as more than just a provider of fitness equipment; it positions the brand as a strategic partner committed to enhancing the overall guest experience.

As the world of hospitality evolves, the fusion of health, wellness, and exceptional service becomes indispensable. The success story of Life Fitness and Hotel Holzapfel stands as a beacon, illustrating the transformational power of partnerships in curating unforgettable experiences for guests.


It has been a source of pride for the Life Fitness team to partner with Holzapfel and collaborate with them in creating fitness and wellbeing experiences that delight their guests.

As the fitness industry’s largest supplier of commercial equipment, Life Fitness draws upon its many years of experience to help customers create bespoke wellbeing offerings. Whether it’s adapting an existing space, launching a new gym, or providing in-room solutions, Life Fitness manages the process from start to finish; from equipment selection and layout, through to staff training and customer communications, the team can support the entire consumer journey.



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