Kerzner schedules first Siro for Q1 2024 in Dubai

Kerzner International has revealed that the debut of its fitness-focused brand Siro will take place in Dubai, UAE, in Q1 2024.

Siro One Za’abeel, part of the skyscraping One Za’abeel development, is due to complete on 1 February 2024.

Cutting-edge wellness

Siro’s philosophy of ‘train without compromise, recover without compromise, live without compromise’ will be brought to life at its Dubai property, delivering an experience that integrates cutting-edge technologies, pioneering fitness and recovery protocols, and an all-encompassing approach to wellbeing.

With a mission to empower guests to unlock their peak mental and physical potential in their own wellness journey, SIRO will offer five signature experiences, each built around a ‘biohacking’ pillar: fitness, nutrition, sleep, recovery and mindfulness.

Guests wishing to further progress in their fitness journey, will embark on a programme commencing with a body analysis composition assessment to curate bespoke plans, tailored to their needs.

Sophisticated suites

Siro One Za’abeel will encompass state-of-the-art rooms, each fully soundproof and equipped with recovery equipment, a dedicated stretching bar, an in-room refuel bar, personalised in-room modular dining and access to virtual classes.

Dedicated fitness suites present more advanced in-room amenities, including a personal gym; while recovery suites offer space to unwind with stretching accessories, a treatment room and a luxurious bathtub that overlooks the city.

Each room within the property is designed to improve physical and mental recovery, mitigate jet lag, enhance mood, and ensure restorative sleep. The environment is optimised with app-controlled smart curtains, integrated with guests’ circadian rhythms, that adapt to natural light.

Training technology

With the concept of ‘functional fitness’ at its core, the hotel will provide a high-tech training facility catering to athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious travellers. At the heart of the hotel, sits a two-floor fitness and recovery lab that boasts a 1,000 sq m gym designed for flexible fitness programmes along with dedicated studios and group movement classes.

The fitness lab features a pilates studio, spin studio, yoga studio, and an experience box with curated programmes. Access to external multi-sport courts allows for versatile spaces to practise recreational activities ranging from volleyball to tennis, padel, squash and badminton. Guests can also unwind and practise mindfulness in the meditation garden.. 

Specialised treatments

The recovery lab offers specialised recovery treatments such as percussion therapy, electro muscle stimulation, sports massage therapy, IV therapy, cryotherapy, cupping, dry needling and assisted stretching.

It will allow guests to unwind with audio-visual aids, while the Siro wellness pod is designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation and self-reflecting. In addition, the hotel will feature a refuel bar, and a mindfulness studio that offers holistic experiences through breathing, meditation, visualisation and coaching sessions.

Hospitality disruptor

Philippe Zuber, CEO of Kerzner International, said: “Siro signifies Kerzner International’s continuous quest to innovate and disrupt the hospitality industry. It’s our incubator concept, a place where science converges with innovation to promote health and fitness, that blurs the lines of wellness and hospitality into the ultimate offering.

“Over the last decade, the focus on self-care, and prioritising fitness and recovery as a form of wellbeing has accelerated at an exponential speed to become the core of modern lifestyle; Siro is our direct response to this. We are creating that space that brings together a community of like-minded individuals willing to exchange, learn and improve their lifestyle.” 

Further Kerzners

Kerzner is also due to welcome the 497-key One&Only One Za’abeel luxury hotel as part of the One Za’abeel development.

Furthermore, the Siro brand’s second location will be in Tivat, Montenegro, with the 96-room Siro Boka Place, due by the end of Q1 2024.