Kaldewei increases sustainability in luxury bathroom design

by | 07 Feb 2022 | Products

The products of Kaldewei Limited Edition Nature Protect were presented to the public for the first time at the Blechexpo

With the use of CO2-reduced Bluemint steel from Thyssenkrupp, Kaldewei introduced a new era in sanitary manufacturing. Selected premium products are now available in Limited Edition Nature Protect.

100% of CO2 is saved in steel production at Thyssenkrupp. If emissions from the upstream chain such as extraction and transport of the raw materials are taken into account, the end product has a 70% lower CO2 footprint, according to the internationally recognised Green House Gas Protocol (GHG). The Miena washbasin, the Puro and Puro Duo bathtubs, and the new Superplan Zero shower surface are now available in a limited edition under the sub-brand Kaldewei Nature Protect and are being distributed through selected dealers.

With this new CO2-reduced steel, Kaldewei is giving its customers the opportunity to equip sustainably planned construction projects with climate-friendly bathroom solutions made of exquisite steel enamel, which are characterised by their long product life and particularly good CO2 balance. In addition, they are 100% recyclable.

“With Kaldewei Limited Edition Nature Protect, we offer our customers bathroom objects with an outstandingly low CO2 footprint. Premium products that combine modern luxury in the form of exquisite materials and sensual design with sustainable thinking and action. We call this ’luxstainability’,” explains CEO Franz Kaldewei.

Luxstainability means nothing less than the combination of luxury and sustainability. For Kaldewei, this expression marks a future-oriented strategy within the entire sanitary production. From the company’s point of view, both aspects are decisive factors for contemporary bathroom design.

All products of Kaldewei Limited Edition Nature Protect are marked with a laser logo. Initial inquiries from customers in the retail and project business have already been received.

Together with its partners, Kaldewei will continue to promote the topic of sustainability in the future, and with Nature Protect, today there is already a climate-friendly solution on the way to zero emissions. This should also be seen as a corporate contribution to achieving the 1.5-degree target, which originated in Paris at the UN Climate Change Conference and has been signed by 195 countries since 2019.

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