Hotel Supply launches modern Design F&B trolleys

by | 27 Jun 2022 | Products

Different needs require different solutions; each serving trolley can be adapted exactly to your current concerns.
How do you ask yourself? Hotel Supply International has the basic structure the “classic” serving trolley, which is extended by different modular components, thus transforming a trolley into exactly your individual service tool. We have already put together some configurations as a template: champagne trolley, cheese trolley, cutting board and many more.
This model called 4ALL is the perfect interplay between modern design and functionality; its name already reveals that it is “for everything/ everyone”, because all of these serving trolleys are based on the structure of the 4ALL.
The serving trolley consists of a stable structure made of anodised aluminium, resistant ABS polymer and high-quality solid surface material Betacryl. The used castors with a diameter of 100mm, integrated directional lock, double bearing surface and differential action allow the 4ALL to glide quietly over any surface and they’re also anti-bacterial, anti-static and non – marking.
By using a unique plug-in system, screws are completely dispensed with, but not stability and safety. At the same time a maximum of modularity is offered because each component can be removed and added by simple hand movements, therefore you gain the basis of your very personal serving trolley with the 4ALL – because it’s suitable “for everything”.
They come in white with beautiful matt gold, titanium and copper details as well as a chic sophisticated black colour which has a perfect balance design & investment.
Please have a look at our website at HS051231 and HS051232 and request for more info for the other models and black colour at [email protected].



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