Hotel Supply launches innovative paperform hangers

by | 31 May 2022 | Products

Innovative & Sustainable

Hotel Supply International has partnered up with one of world’s most largest and innovative hanger companies Mainetti and are proud to launch this new unique sustainable hanger.

We can created products that enable customers to achieve their unique sustainability objectives. 

Paperform Hangers

Mainetti offers several options if you want to go “plastic or wood-free”, including our patented Paperform Hanger range. Mainetti understands that hangers are products that consider both Form and Function. While flat hangers save space, they don’t present the garment as effectively as their premium quality “three-dimensional” counterparts.

Paperform Hangers represents a first-of-its-kind, innovative hanger designed and engineered by Mainetti’s experts. The range features unmatched performance and quality for a recycled cardboard hanger.


Mainetti uses FSC certified sources and produces these hangers with recycled content. All non-paper parts are removable. The hanger range is fully compatible with worldwide adopted recycling streams.

With our in-house design capabilities, Paperform Hangers are customizable and limited only by your imagination. We will help you achieve your vision, with unique, trend-right solutions. In addition, we offer a range of our most popular styles in standard sizes. Colours might vary per production as we are depending on cardboard we are offered to re-use.

Please contact Hotel Supply International if you would like to receive more information: [email protected]



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