Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad – A tale of magical hospitality design

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Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad BRABBU

Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad has one of BRABBU’s quaintest products to spruce up the lobby.

Kaliningrad, in Russia, is a city where different cultures and traditions intertwine seamlessly. The famous storyteller Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffman – author of the magical tale of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King – was born and raised in Kaliningrad, where we also, later on, worked. The tale was then turned into a no less magical ballet to the music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

This fairytale heritage inspired the interior design of Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad. The curation of furnishings, lighting fixtures and textiles was guided by this whimsical inspiration that served as the groundwork for the project. Fittingly, one of BRABBU’s quaintest products was chosen to spruce up the lobby.

The idea for the interior design of the hotel incepted in local history and culture – and the desire to merge them in a sophisticated ambience that was thrilling as well. The intent, and simultaneously the challenge, was to create an intense interior that wouldn’t jeopardise guest comfort.

As soon as guests enter the lobby, they encounter a theatre-like interior where the past comes to life in a contemporary manner. Right at the entrance, the Mercure brand logo can be spotted on a white layered brick wall with a unique layout. In this wall rest secluded internal spaces with paintings based on Hoffman’s iconic fairytale, created using a mixture of combined collages and classical painting, effectively filling the room with enchanting art.

It is also in the entrance that guests will come across a true testimony to what intense interiors are. Right after the Mercure logo sits a welcoming waiting area, ready to comfort guests upon arrival. Here, they’ll find custom Earth Armchairs by BRABBU. With shelter-style arms and a barrel-shaped body, these armchairs vow to make a statement in any interior, all while supplying outstanding comfort.

The décor of the entrance area makes several references to Kaliningrad’s history and even to its location. The burgundy velvet curtains serve as a play on those of a theatre, instantly transporting guests through their resemblance; showers of modern lighting fixtures of different lengths and a classic crystal chandelier demand the guests’ attention, enveloping them in this transcendent design experience and, last but not least, paying homage to the hotel’s waterfront location, the ceiling and some of the walls have been painted in a deep blue shade, matched by the upholstery and some of the curtains.

The bar is nothing short of spectacular either! The counter is built from white marble with gold veins, accentuated by the gold hardware of the bar chairs, and the back wall is decorated with a mirror that reflects all the splendour of the lobby.

The rooms, in their turn, are inspired by the visual aspect of the city of Kaliningrad, recreating its towers and inclined roofs with a modern twist. Graphic patterns of the city’s historic façades grace the floors, walls and ceilings, bringing the cosmopolitan feeling into the room in a fashionable way.

The attention to detail all throughout this hospitality project is remarkable, and it paid off greatly. Through an impeccable use of lighting, colour, texture and art, an atmosphere that combines history, comfort, intensity, relaxation and fairytales was flawlessly achieved.

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