GrayMatter Networks Partners with Tyme Global

GrayMatter Networks’ VoIP solutions will now be enriched with Tyme Global’s virtual agent and smart IVR system, “Skye.”

GrayMatter Networks Partners with Tyme Global

by | 18 Oct 2022 | Products

GrayMatter Networks’ VoIP solutions will now be enriched with Tyme Global’s virtual agent and smart IVR system, “Skye.”

New York, NY – Today, telecom technology provider, GrayMatter Networks, and remote customer service company, Tyme Global (TG), announce their official partnership.

GrayMatter Networks’ VoIP solutions will now be enriched with Tyme Global’s virtual agent and smart IVR system, “Skye.” This partnership allows both companies to offer a unique solution to the hospitality, transportation, and healthcare industries, by providing a comprehensive communications and customer service package.

David Maayani, GrayMatter Networks’ CEO, said recently, “This partnership will allow us to offer the full package to our clients – affordable communications technology with virtual and live operators. Our long-time friendship with TG, and tight integration between our two platforms, will surely result in a successful partnership.”

Gray Matter Networks’ SIP trunks provide connectivity between on-site or cloud PBX phone systems and the public telephone network. This replaces legacy digital communication networks with a solution that is more affordable, easier to maintain, and offers more customization options. Skye from Tyme Global is a virtual agent smart IVR system that uses natural language machine learning to understand and respond to conversational language and incorporates voice, text, and email automation all on one user dashboard, which seamlessly escalates and flows to Tyme Global’s remote work from home agents. Calls, texts, and emails using Skye are answered immediately with no wait time.

Skye answers frequently asked questions and fulfills basic requests so that on-site staff or Tyme Global’s remote agents can focus on in-person and more complex interactions. For example, Skye can provide directions and hours, create a ticket for housekeeping to send towels to a room, or email a prescription refill request directly to a doctor’s inbox, all without having any human interaction.

TG also offers live remote agents trained in Forbes Five-Star Customer Service Standards. TG’s agents can be used in tandem with Skye, as well as for outgoing communications, such as appointment reminders and data services like email inbox management.  Skye and Tyme Global’s live agents work seamlessly together on one user dashboard so that escalations can flow smoothly between Skye’s automation and human remote agents, on all communication channels, voice, text, and email.

Tyme Global CEO, Ryan Levin said, “With the partnership between GrayMatter and Tyme Global, we can offer a turnkey solution. It’s everything a hotel, hospital, or similar business would need, at a lower cost with a variety of options, than just hiring more in-house staff. This coordinated effort means that all communication needs are taken care of all at once, seamlessly and efficiently.”

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About GrayMatter Networks

GrayMatter Networks’ inception began in 2008 with the purpose of supplying simple and fair solutions to complex telecom issues. It provides efficient and adaptable communication solutions for all verticals, with a strong focus on hospitality. GrayMatter Networks reduces phone system costs by 40%-60%, saves businesses time and effort, allows for feature requests, and offers devoted and passionate support. Their offering includes Cloud & and Premise Based PBX systems, SIP services, POTS replacement solutions, and guest issue management.

About Tyme Global

Tyme Global offers over a decade of exceptional hospitality service and sales expertise through remote staffing solutions for voice, text, and email. We remove the burden of recruiting, onboarding, and managing on-site staff by providing highly trained off-site agents. Our offerings include PBX/Guest Services, Email Inbox/Data Services, Central Reservations, and Skye virtual agent to field FAQs and basic requests. Our native English-speaking and bilingual workforce are held to the 5-star Forbes service standards. Fast, flexible, and fully customized, our teams operate using state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest quality customer care. For more information, visit

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