Forest Group’s enhanced motorised rod system, MRS®, sets a new standard

Perfect flow, flawless curtain presentation and unmatched versatility; that's what Forest Group's renewed MRS, motorised rod offers you.

Step into a world of refined elegance and functionality with the renewed MRS®, motorised rod system, from Forest Group. This upgrade will inspire you to create captivating spaces that leave a lasting impression.

The updated MRS® has several key improvements:

Perfect flow. The motor pulley is now positioned straight backwards, instead of obliquely backwards. By doing so, they have created a seamless passage for the curtain carriers to glide in front of the motor smoothly. With the stunning result that the motor is completely invisible.

Redesigned motor pulley for the MRS, motorised rod system

Flawless curtain presentation. The return pulley has been redesigned to allow the curtain to travel all the way to the end, resulting in an evenly pleated appearance across the entire width of the system. This attention to detail ensures that the last pleats align perfectly against the end of the system, achieving flawless curtains.

Redesigned return pulley for the MRS, motorised rod system

Unmatched versatility. Embracing the need for flexibility in your designs, both the motor pulley and the return pulley are now reversible.

To further enhance your design possibilities, the redesigned MRS® is currently available in seven colours. Moreover, Forest Group offers a range of decorative finials in matching colours. The MRS® can be equipped with all Forest Shuttle® motor types.

The renewed motorised rod system, MRS®, combines functionality with sophistication, elevating your designs to new heights.

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