Elevating your guests’ hotel experience with the new Life Fitness Discover SE4 Console

Discover SE4: Elevating the hotel experience with Life Fitness' new cutting-edge cardio console. Guests enjoy seamless technology, immersive workouts, and personalized connectivity. It's more for your guests, more for your brand - a memorable stay with a focus on well-being.


 In the ever-evolving landscape of the hotel industry, one thing remains constant – the desire to provide guests with exceptional experiences during their stay. As hotels strive to stand out and offer more for their properties and, most importantly, their guests, cutting-edge technology plays a pivotal role. Introducing the Console by Life Fitness, the global leading fitness equipment company, here to revolutionize the cardio experience for hotel guests, taking it to a whole new level.

In understanding the needs and expectations of modern travelers, Life Fitness recognizes that guests seek convenience, sophistication, and seamless connectivity, much like the demands of today’s exercisers. Drawing inspiration from the preferences of fitness enthusiasts, Life Fitness has tailored the SE4 Console to cater specifically to your esteemed guests. Let’s delve into the features that make the SE4 Console an unparalleled asset for hotel properties.

  1. Touch Sensitivity – A Smartphone-Like Experience

Just as users expect their smartphones to respond swiftly and seamlessly to touch, guests, too, anticipate immediate screen reactions. The SE4 Console boasts enhanced touch sensitivity, offering guests a familiar and effortless interaction with the equipment. This feature allows for easy navigation and selection of workouts, elevating the overall cardio experience.

  1. Intuitive User Interface – Making Workouts Easily Accessible

Navigating through workout options should be a breeze for guests. The SE4 Console features an intuitive user interface that presents workouts in a clear and organized manner. With a simple and user-friendly design, guests can effortlessly find and select the workouts that match their preferences and fitness goals.

  1. Seamless Wearable Connectivity – Enhanced Personalization

Today’s guests rely heavily on their smart devices and wearables to track their health and fitness data. The SE4 Console, engineered by Life Fitness, seamlessly connects with personal devices, allowing guests to integrate their fitness data effortlessly. This connectivity extends to other entertainment aspects too, enabling instant access to music and other personalized app integrations. As a result, the cardio experience becomes more engaging and enjoyable, motivating guests to stay committed to their fitness routines even while traveling.

  1. Life Fitness On Demand+ – Elevating Immersion and Variety

The SE4 Console comes equipped with Life Fitness On Demand+, a game-changer in the world of on-demand fitness experiences. Offering guests access to over 500 on-demand workouts, including instructor-led sessions and interactive terrains, it delivers an immersive and captivating training experience. The console’s edge-to-edge glass screens,  , offer stunning visuals, making workouts more engaging than ever before.

With over 100 runs and rides through picturesque landscapes worldwide, the SE4 Console allows guests to lose themselves in their workouts while the incline and resistance adjust to the virtual terrains, ensuring a challenging and dynamic training session. This not only boosts guest satisfaction but also encourages them to stay longer, as they find themselves immersed in an enjoyable exercise experience.

  1. Versatility and Brand Integration

The new Discover SE4 Console offers hotel properties the flexibility to support various preferences and space constraints. With 24″ and 16″ console options available on multiple cardio units, including  the treadmill, elliptical, upright bike, recumbent bike, arc trainer and Power Mill, hotels can create a personalized fitness environment that aligns with their brand identity. The sleek and modern design of the SE4 Console, created by Life Fitness, adds an aesthetic touch to fitness areas, enhancing the overall ambiance of your property.


In conclusion, the new Discover SE4 Console by Life Fitness is a game-changing addition to any hotel’s fitness facilities. By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with guest-focused features, this console elevates the cardio experience to new heights. Your guests will be inspired by its intuitive interface, personalized app integrations and immersive workout options, ensuring they have a memorable stay that encompasses both comfort and wellness. With the new Discover SE4 Console by Life Fitness, your hotel can undoubtedly deliver more for your properties and, most importantly, more for your guests.



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