Door contact switch Wireless T from Hera for battery-free applications

by | 09 Jun 2022 | Products

Application Door contact switch Wireless T

The innovation is that the Hera Wireless T is completely wireless and battery-free.

Wireless T can therefore be used in a completely flexible manner as a wireless control of the light. This means that regular battery changes are finally a thing of the past. It couldn’t be more sustainable. The necessary energy generation of the switch takes place by means of energy harvesting by mechanical actuation. Valuable time and resources are also saved in the manufacturing process, as long tap drilling is not necessary and no cables have to be laid.

This leads to significantly reduced CO2 emissions during production and the assembly process. The wireless door contact switch Wireless-T can also be easily retrofitted. A small standard pot hole is sufficient. In this way, even existing furniture can be converted or retrofitted with energy-efficient LED lighting in a sustainable and sustainable manner.


  • Up to 12 Wireless-T door contact switches can be taught to one receiver By 90” rotated light emission
  • The range is up to 5 meters, more than sufficient even for larger rooms, bedroom or bathroom furniture
  • The Wireless-T door contact switch is available with the appropriate receivers in 24V (120W) and 12V (36W)



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