Discover Tribù at residential project Casa Amigos

Guanacaste, Costa Rica 2023 Photography: Sergio Quiroz Architect: Zürcher Arquitectos

Welcome to Casa Amigos, a splendid haven nestled in the heart of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Expertly crafted by Zürcher Arquitectos, this architectural marvel seamlessly melds local heritage with the surrounding natural splendor. With a graceful embrace of the mountain’s contours, the design forges an inseparable connection between human creativity and the serene landscape.

Our carefully curated Senja loungers, elegantly positioned upon the soft sands, beckon you to surrender to tranquillity, allowing you to savor the awe-inspiring outdoors.

Discover the timeless Nodi collection, proudly standing alongside the renowned Palma rancho, adorned with durable Canax material, ensuring unwavering companionship throughout the changing seasons.

As day turns to night, experience the magic of peaceful evenings aglow with the subtle radiance of Monsieur Tricot hanging lamps, casting delicate pools of light while relishing a delightful dinner on Amanu armchairs and dining table beneath the classic verandas.

Every piece of furniture at Casa Amigos is meticulously chosen, creating an inviting sanctuary where residents can fully engage with the tranquil ambiance that surrounds them.



Exclusive, high-end garden furniture is the playground of Belgium’s Tribù. In the early ’90s, Tribù was one of the pioneers of seeing the patio and garden as an extension of the house.