Design showcase: Top five futuristic designs

by | 01 Dec 2021 | Design

For our latest TOPHOTELDESIGN exclusive, we consider how designers cleverly combine sci-fi and retro aesthetics to boldly go where no hospitality schemes have gone before.

Futurism is a word that can have different meanings depending on the context.

Looking to the future

As a word with capital letters, it refers to the art movement that began in 1909 with Filippo Tomasso Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto.

For those who studied art history, it evokes images of sharp-colourful vectorised dynamic paintings and synesthetic poetry. Time, speed and movement. If you’ve seen Zaha Hadid’s early drawings, the influence is very, very clear.

In terms of architecture, this is translated into similar fast-motion, 3D interpretations (roughly) of the same thing. It was deeply related to the Machine Age and the notion that the acceleration of historical processes was a good strategy for progress.

Alison and Peter Smithson’s House of the Future, which is further away in terms of time (1956), evidently has the word ‘future’ in its title. They later influenced what is known as brutalist architecture (different, but related). This specific house isn’t exactly the architectural style mentioned before, but it makes reference to a better, more technologically advanced modern life, where we can find curvy lines and smooth surfaces (which are easier to clean).

Function, innovation and style are deeply connected.

Continuing with a more flexible idea of what futurism is, there’s the inevitable sci-fi image of the future. In a way, it is not so far away from the Smithsons’ concept of the future.

The thing is, we’re in it right now.

Somehow, in a contradictory way, sci-fi and retro aesthetics meet in our visual imaginary library. Can you find the influences below?

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

by Atkins – Shanghai and Cheng Chung Design
Supplied by Kohler Co

Imagery: © Kimi Cai

ME Dubai

by Zaha Hadid Architects

Imagery: © Laurian Ghinitoiu

Blue Eye Lounge, Le Champlain

by Jacques Rougerie and Flamant Interior Design

The Mira Hong Kong

Hong Kong
by CAD International

Temptation Cancun Resort

by Karim Rashid

Click here to find more inspiring futuristic hotel designs on TOPHOTELDESIGN.

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