Decora Takes Art for Hotels to a Whole New Level

Decora champions the exceptional in their passionate dedication of creating art for hotels and architecture

Decora emphasizes the importance of creating museum-quality works of art that go beyond mere decoration and aim to inspire the soul of the viewer, leaving an unforgettable impression.

With a wide range of art styles and genres, Decora aligns their art with the identity and unique brand of your hotel.

Some key points about Decora’s mission and capabilities include:

  • Guest Experience Enhancement: Decora recognizes that the environment’s aesthetic appeal plays a significant role in the overall guest experience, and they strive to enhance it through art.


  • Unique and Bespoke Art: They are known for creating custom, one-of-a-kind artwork tailored to the specific needs and vision of their clients, ensuring exclusivity for the hotel’s guests


  • Diverse Art Styles: Decora features a wide range of art styles, from realism to abstract, allowing clients to choose artwork that aligns with their hotel’s identity and theme


  • Quality and Attention to Detail: They pride themselves on the quality of their work, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and that they can handle projects of any scale, from small paintings to large murals, and on various substrates


  • Art Consultations: Decora offers free art consultations to help clients clarify/define their vision and bring it to life in its fullest grandeur and beauty.

Decora’s commitment to creating exceptional art for hotels and architecture; their focus on guest satisfaction; and their dedication to inspiring the soul through art, make them an invaluable partner for those in the hospitality and architecture industry.

If you’re interested in Decora’s services, contact them for a free consultation by emailing [email protected] or by calling +1 (808) 652-7100.

You can also visit their official website at  to explore more of their unique offerings.



Decora is a company of world-class artists dedicated to elevating the artistic and aesthetic appeal of hotels. Decora’s forte is working directly with architects and interior designers to craft art that seamlessly integrates with the hotel’s architecture and theme.