Carus Flooring launches Insinia commercial broadloom carpet

by | 21 Oct 2021 | Suppliers

Insinia broadloom carpet by Carus Flooring

Carus Flooring, commercial division of Beaulieu International Group, introduces a new range of commercial broadloom carpets: XL Insinia Chromo. This range combines the very best and latest in tufting technology and design prowess to spectacular effect.

We are very proud to introduce you to a new range of contract broadloom carpet: XL Insinia Chromo.

XL everywhere, all the time

“Carpet is boring.” Think again. With our XL Insinia Chromo concept, we prove the contrary. In addition, it’s a technological marvel that combines the level-cut-loop tufting technique with our Chromojet technology.

The result? A printed tufted structure that gives an XL effect to every project. On top of that, these carpets feature our latest innovation in backings: superback, a thick felt backing that provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

The range offers three standard designs: Diva, Prestige and Influence, but also offers you the possibility to create your own custom carpet.

Get in touch or meet us at tradeshows!

Interested? Drop us a line to discuss your project! Or even better, come visit us at [email protected] Hamburg (17-18 November 2021) or Stuttgart (1-2 December), where we will showcase this beautiful new collection.

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As part of the Beaulieu International Group and based in Belgium, Carus Flooring is a leading brand that produces high-quality tufted wall-to-wall carpets for commercial use.

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