Beata Heuman-designed Paris hotel to open in September

The French hotel group, Touriste, is set to open Hôtel de La Boétie, notable as the first hotel project of celebrated designer Beata Heuman, this September in Paris.

The 40-key Hôtel de la Boétie will be the sixth Parisian hotel to join the Touriste portfolio. The new property fits in with a collection in which each hotel is designed by a fashionable designer.

A reflection of the city

This September, Hôtel de la Boétie will welcome its first guests on Rue la Boétie, near the Champs-Élysées, in the eighth arrondissement. The 40-key property will showcase the designer Beata Heuman’s imaginative take on Parisian style.

The small hotel group, Touriste, develops hotels with the aim of providing guests with the best possible experience at a fair price, with rooms at Hôtel de la Boétie from €250 per night, and a sense of exploration and excitement is instilled through each property’s design.

Commenting on the project, Adrien Gloaguen, Touriste’s Founder, said: “It has been a dream for a long time to work with Beata Heuman. I have followed her work for many years, and I am drawn to her elegant style which we wanted to impart to our new hotel to add a little panache to the Champs Élysées area.”

Heuman added: “I have really enjoyed working on our first hotel. A hotel is about having an experience for a day or two which means that we have been able to explore a concept and a mood to a greater extent.”

“We can treat it a bit like a stage set, which is not the approach I would take when it comes to someone’s home. When it comes to residential the client is in the centre but with commercial work it is more about our vision rather than another individual.”

“This has opened up new paths for us creatively which has been inspiring. I also loved working on the branding of the hotel which is something we haven’t done other than for ourselves before.”

An imaginative design scheme

Behind its 19th-century facade, the building is now set apart by interiors incorporating a limited palette of rich block colours, natural woods, stainless steel and brass. Here, Heuman set out to create a sense of mystery, with reflective surfaces casting a distorted reflection of those who pass by.

The ground-floor lobby leads through to a theatrical lounge featuring shimmery silver walls. Grass-green carpets then run through the hotel to rooms divided across three design schemes, from moody blue to shades of brown and, across the top two floors, light blue. Original headboards designed by Heuman pay tribute to historical motifs.

In each space, hand-picked artworks, antique items and other curios combine personality with function and statement pieces of furnishing and lighting, such as Beata’s Cub Chair and Lion Chair, feature throughout the hotel.

Natural materials have been used throughout to create interiors that are designed to stand the test of time, with some of the original elements of the building’s interiors, like its marble entrance, integrated into the new design concept.