Award-winning firm Oppenheim Architecture unveils luxury Italian resort project

Rendering Courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture
Award-winning architecture firm Oppenheim Architecture has announced its latest luxury resort project, La Maviglia, in Italy’s Primitivo wine region.

The resort, to be named La Maviglia, will span 202 hectares, close to the coastline of the Italian peninsula, and is set to open in 2027. 

Leisure-focused luxury

La Maviglia will contain a golf course, and a wide range of luxury suites, ranging from individual suites to hotel rooms integrated within the golf complex and luxury villas. 

Rendering Courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture

The amenity-driven project will also offer guests services including four chef-driven culinary outlets and a 5,000-square-meter wellness and medical spa. 

The architecture firm partnered with landscape architects Enea throughout the design process for the Italian resort, which will uphold the highest standards for renewable energy, organic vegetable farming, olive oil manufacturing, and wine production. 

Rendering Courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture

The resort will offer guests a “suites-only” experience, with 70 individual suites, in addition to a 20-room hotel integrated in the La Maviglia Golf complex, complete with a selection of 35 luxury villas. 

The resort will also provide convenient access to the municipality of Maruggio, the location of the protected Monaco Mirante coastline and a variety of other cultural experiences. 

La Maviglia is located near two international airports, Bari International Airport and Brindisi Airport. There is also a private airstrip just a 25-minute drive away from Taranto-Grottaglie.

Rendering Courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture

La Maviglia is owned by Ultimate Collection Ltd, a Swiss-based company led by Nicola Cortese, a Swiss/Italian businessman who is also project managing the development.