Airclos introduces the T7000 RPT series, the first retractable roof series on the market equipped with a longitudinal Thermal Break

by | 24 Aug 2022 | Products

Airclos introduces the new T7000 series, the first retractable roof series on the market equipped with longitudinal Thermal Break, designed to offer an unprecedented level of thermal insulation.

Thanks to this new system, the brand goes a step further after introducing the triple glazing roofs and presents an even more efficient proposal to the growing commitment of the architectural industry to systems with low consumption and impact on the carbon footprint.

The main objectives to be achieved with this new system are:

  • Reduce the U-value of the entire system.
  • Maintain a minimum Ug value of triple glazing.
  • Maintain high acoustic insulation.

Thermal Break in the T7000 RPT Retractable roof

The main advance in this range has been the development of an innovative system with which it has been possible to design the first retractable roof series on the market equipped with true Thermal Break. A great technical improvement thanks to which a U value of 1.4W/m²K can be achieved, an unprecedented result in the retractable roof market.

In addition, the brand’s R&D+i department continues to work on reducing this value even further.

How do we get a U value of 1.4W/m²K?

To achieve this, a longitudinal Thermal Break is created to cover all the points of contact between the indoor and outdoor profile. Let’s look at these points in detail:

  • Addition of polyamide inside the profiles of panels: to avoid contact between the inner and outer sides of the panels, which are separated by a very low transmittance polyamide.
  • Polyurethane foam (PUR) filling in the profiles: the polyamide inside the profiles forms a gap that is filled with Polyurethane Foam to reduce transmittance.
  • Addition of polyamide between the panels: as it is a staggered system in which panels are hidden one under the other, polyamide is added on the outer side of the panels to avoid direct contact between them.
  • Addition of polyamide between the rails: as in the previous case, this is a staggered system, therefore, the break has been designed by inserting polyamide profiles between the different aluminium rails to avoid contact between them. In this way, the break extends to the entire system and not just to the roof panels.

When the installation of a retractable roof with Thermal Break becomes interesting

Taking into account the advantages mentioned above, this system is perfect for:

  • Reducing the U Value, energy loss and, therefore, energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • Attenuating the acoustic impact.

These two premises make this type of enclosure especially suitable for businesses focused on leisure and hospitality.

Pubs, restaurants, hotels and other businesses in this category make large investments to guarantee their clients’ comfort (in heating, air conditioning, smoke vents…), which is why looking for solutions that reduce this cost will be highly profitable. In addition, reducing sound for a more comfortable atmosphere is also key in this type of business. That’s why our retractable roof from the T7000 RPT series is particularly interesting for these cases.