Yasmine Mahmoudieh reveals innovative hospitality concept for kids at imm Cologne

by | 04 Feb 2020 | Design

myKidsy Playground: an innovative way to help kids keep learning and exploring while on holiday. (Photo: imm Cologne)

Revealed at imm Cologne: Architect Yasmine Mahmoudieh merges hospitality and education in the modular play area.

Architect Yasmine Mahmoudieh launched her educational concept myKidsy Playground at a London preview for the imm Cologne interiors trade fair.

We find out more about this intriguing modular-designed play area.

Flexible learning within the hospitality

British architect Yasmine Mahmoudieh has unveiled a fun, flexible and kid-friendly educational concept that is perfect for hotels and resorts.

The idea, titled myKidsy Playground, was developed through the online myKidsy platform, which promotes kids’ education through activities, clubs, classes and weekend camps.

This ethos has been brought inside from the outdoors to create the myKidsy Playground, a flexible and interactive area that can slot into any hotel or resort, giving kids a new and improved way of continuing their learning informally while on holiday.

What is myKidsy Playground?

myKidsy Playground is an interior arrangement which consists of different areas or spaces that can be seamlessly integrated into existing interiors.

“The overall concept consists of interior elements and learning offerings, and can be flexibly integrated into existing spaces. Networked with the booking portal myKidsy that I launched a few years ago, extracurricular learning content and life skills are conveyed in myKidsy Playground,” Yasmine said.

Various elements, such as modular desks, tables and seating, or hanging pendant lamps, audio recordings, textured upholstery and aromatic devices, can be installed in a space, and children are invited to interact with them. This will teach them about sound, smell, touch and vision, as well as keeping them entertained during their vacation.

Yasmine commented on how it would fit into a hospitality venue, saying, “Children are often ignored when it comes to design. The myKidsy Playground concept engages children and young adults meaningfully by using all four senses.”

The space is designed to inspire children and make it as easy as possible for hospitality properties to incorporate an educational element in their facilities.