Why is ‘made in France’ so important?

Revol, a family-owned company, proudly manufacturing in France since 1768.

In these times where travelling has become more and more challenging and sometimes impossible, consumers have been forced to stay closer to home and take in charge everything for their household. Therefore, most of them started asking themselves what criteria to choose when buying for their families, not only food but also goods. And one of the things that have swirled into people’s mind is the simple question of: what do I buy and where are the products made? This question about the origin did not only strike households but also Chefs and food professionals about their own way of working and providing goods for their restaurants.

It seems for everyone, in the midst of the pandemic, buying “responsible”, understanding how, by whom and where things are made, took a deeper meaning.

Why is “made in France” so important? Many reasons can be brought up: environmental, ethical, and social. But the main thing is the pride of making something in the country where the origins and the history of the product stand.

Revol, proudly manufacturing in France since 1768

Strongly connected to the land where the factory started its manufacturing adventure over 250 years ago, Revol is deeply rooted in the Drome area, in the town of Saint-Uze, between Lyon and Valence. The manufacturing process has slightly evolved, and even if the factory has expanded, it is still the same walls, the same town and the same family at the head of the company… The manufacture went through French revolution, two global wars, but also deep changes in the way people eat and cook. And now, the pandemic has affected the way we live and sanitary restrictions impact all of us.

Nine generations of the same family have passed on their knowledge and heritage. Products may now look certainly different (even if some remain unchanged such as the lion head soup bowls or the ramekins) and the company distributes its products all around the world. But the know-how, the heritage and the values remain unchanged.

The clay and the glazes are made in France, the molds are made in France, design is also conceived in house and the final product is a pure result of local craftmanship.

Between industrialization and handmade finishes, the factory has been creating unique products with a promise of quality and respect. Respect for the environment and for the local community. And also respect for hygienic measures (as a reminder, that porcelain is a very hygienic material, 100% non-porous, food grade and natural).

‘French made’ for France but not only

Regarding the hospitality industry, same questions arise about cooking with local ingredients, seasonal vegetables, shortening the menu… More and more Chefs take these questions into consideration to ensure a certain durability and ecological consciousness in their restaurants. When it comes to getting “non-food” products it is also worth asking the question of their origin and the values they carry.

If Revol’s goal is to be present in as many French-tables as possible, international trade cannot be excluded. Chefs will appreciate the quality, the steadiness, the industrialization that ensures a continuity in the made-in-France manufacturing process. They can also rely on the fact that the products are made with those same values of sustainability, craftmanship and quality. Buying French Made is a way to embrace the world’s favorite art de vivre, buy less and better and with full transparency of how the product is made.




Revol Porcelain is a French family-owned culinary porcelain manufacturer since 1768, blending tradition with innovation.