Whitepaper: How to implement in-room wellbeing solutions into your offering

by | 30 Oct 2022 | Products

In-room wellbeing and fitness solutions offer an alternative capable of responding to the new needs and priorities of guests. But they also allow the hotel to find new sources of revenue to improve its metrics and differentiate itself from the competition.

Travelers have emerged from the last couple of tumultuous years with new wellbeing priorities, a renewed desire to get the most out of their journeys – and a willingness to pay for it. According to a study by McKinsey, 42% of respondents in their research considered wellbeing a top priority.

As more consumers seek to incorporate wellbeing into their lifestyles, there are increasingly more opportunities for travel businesses to incorporate wellness into their offerings.

However, this requires understanding both the needs and priorities of the guests and the hotels themselves. Increasingly, for travelers, the hotel room is not simply a place to rest. It is also a private and secure space for the enhancement of wellbeing.

Thus, through in-room wellbeing solutions, the hotel can not only satisfy guest needs, but also create an offer that differentiates it from its competitors and helps it to have unique value propositions.

Such is the importance of wellbeing for guests that, according to a study we conducted at Life Fitness, when we asked who would be willing to pay extra to reserve a personal workout space at the hotel, 78% of respondents confirmed that they would be.

These data show that in-room fitness solutions offer an alternative capable of responding to these new needs and priorities of guests, helping to satisfy them. But they also allow the hotel to find new sources of revenue to improve its metrics and differentiate itself from the competition.

Wellbeing closer than ever

Another great benefit of in-room wellbeing solutions is that they can be offered in the comfort, privacy and intimacy of the hotel room and adapted to the needs of the guest and hotel according to space, design and budget.

This type of solution can be presented in several areas: Helping your guests be more active, sleep better, eat healthier, be more relaxed and mentally healthy, even look better.

To do this, it is important that you know the profile of your guests and that you can offer them a variety of solutions that adapt to their needs, but also to those of your brand and budget.

At Life Fitness we co-create delightful wellbeing solutions by partnering with the hotel. We seek to understand all parties to co-create together a solution that fits.

For hotels whose guests are primarily business guests, it may be good to create a wellbeing package that helps them relax after a long day of meetings and helps them sleep better. Including for example fitness products that allow them to stretch and move after prolonged sitting, along with a self-care and rest plan.

For leisure travelers, having a bike in their room with a pack of dumbbells or kettlebells that take up little space can be ideal for an active and energizing start to the day.

The options and solutions are many and varied. That’s why it’s important to understand the priorities and needs of all parties involved.

That’s why we at Life Fitness have put together a Whitepaper focused on in-room wellbeing solutions and how to get the most out of them. In it, you will see what the new priorities of travelers are, why wellbeing is important and how to implement this type of in-room solutions in your property.

Click here to download the whitepaper on in-room wellbeing solutions.

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