VDA Group for Singer Palace Hotel Rome

by | 02 Apr 2020 | Products

Singer Palace Hotel – Rome

Just a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, the Singer Palace Hotel offers an absolutely privileged vantage point on the splendour of the Eternal City.

The structure is a boutique hotel both elegant and substantial with is fined wooden floors, precious marble, large, well-lit rooms with Italian furnishings and breath-taking views across the thousand year old roofs and white churches of Rome.













VDA for the Singer Palace Hotel

VDA chose the Vitrum version of its Micromaster system to install at the Singer Palace.

The black glass door key reader also incorporates the backlit room number, in keeping with the clean, elegant style.

The presence indicator in the external reader tells hotel staff whether the guest is in room, and incorporates the do not disturb sign. The internal reader, again in glass, has the DND control and the button for switching on the entry light.

If the guest is out of room the lighting circuits and power sockets are disabled, leaving only essential services like the minibar operating, to optimise overall hotel energy consumption.

VDA also installed IPTV at the Singer Palace. Satellite and digital terrestrial TV channels are transmitted to all LED TVC’s present in the hotel via a Cat6 cable network. The choice of this technology over conventional coaxial cable optimises the systems and assures longer obsolescence times with respect to future developments in technology.

VDA technology lets clients personalise the graphic interface of the TVC’s.

One of the functions of the PMS software transfers guest data (name, language and room number) to the ONAIR system on check-in. This lets guests dynamically order the TV channels, and makes choosing the language from the dozens of those available far easier.

It also sets all the Hotel and city info pages, likewise available in dozens of languages, to the guest’s language giving them access to content otherwise only available in hard copy directories.

The PowerTV ONAIR platform also provides a series of entertainment service Apps, like web radio and music, information and weather forecasts. The Set Back ONAIR Box is also used as Access Point for Wi-Fi coverage in the rooms. Each room has its own Wi-Fi antenna, for uniform high-quality coverage.


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