Tribù – COLLECTION 2024

We kindly invite you to discover our 2024 collection, introducing innovative creations by designers Christophe Delcourt, Ilia Eckardt, and Marc Merckx.

Living the good life outside

The new Suro collection by the French designer Christophe Delcourt is a continuation of our mission and passion to create elegant and timeless outdoor furniture. Its tactile palette of materials and colours can also be found in other new items or updates of existing collections. A most indulging new lounger or cabana within our Pure collection or new finishes for our Dunes and Illum collection are some of many examples. We invite you to make the same journey as we did while creating them, from the South of Europe to the North of Africa. Welcome to the world of Tribù.

SURO by Christophe Delcourt

The mastery of materials and curves truly characterises Christophe Delcourt’s Suro collection, which embodies the symbiosis of a solid seating in wood or aluminium and its braided rope weaving.

PURE by Andrei Munteanu

True simplicity offers infinite versatility. The sculptural Pure family captures that in the most sophisticated, ingenious way, adding luxurious elements to its never outdated heritage.
OTTO Dining table rectangle

OTTO by Marc Merckx

Otto was inspired by a rhythmic ‘ribbon’ pattern, often found in Italian bar counters from the ‘40s. Using merely one simple base element, Otto not only significantly preserves the precious teak wood. Like ancient architectural pillars, the two robust yet elegant patterned bases support a floating rectangular tabletop, available in ceramics and natural travertine, making its durable and timeless design versatile to many outdoor settings.
MAI Pouf

MAI by Ilia Eckardt

The organic structure of the fully knitted Mai collection originates from the design philosophy of creating intense connection between people and nature, incorporating elements of nature into design. Designer Ilia Eckardt’s contemporary approach to traditional knitting techniques results in this sophisticated leaf inspired texture that subtly plays with directions, showcasing experimentation in the design.
TAO Dining table oval

TAO by Monica Armani

The elegant oval Tao table collection is a lesson in perfectly balanced contrasts – bold sculptural pedestals and slim tabletops that are pleasing to the touch. Designer Monica Armani uses refined lightened concrete that evokes a look of elegant solidity. The central pedestal of the newest addition to the Tao collection, supports a finely milled grand oval tabletop, invitingly extending outdoor experiences. Tao tables come in natural linen and warm wengé tones to create striking centerpieces for any setting.

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Exclusive, high-end garden furniture is the playground of Belgium’s Tribù. In the early ’90s, Tribù was one of the pioneers of seeing the patio and garden as an extension of the house.