The hotel phone with the smallest footprint​

by | 14 Apr 2022 | Products

 After seeing increased consumer demand for sustainability, many newly constructed hotels have green practices in mind. We can help hoteliers meet emerging green standards with the Teledex E Series hotel phones.

Are you looking for hotel phones that are both compact and powerful? Of course, you are!

Look no further than Teledex’s new E Series Hotel Phones. The Teledex E Series hotel phones are 40% smaller than standard guest room telephones, creating an entirely new category in hotel telephone design. E Series flat panel, the compact style adds a touch of elegance to any room without compromising functionality.

Originally styled to meet the limited space and energy requirements aboard cruise ship cabins, E Series micro-footprint hotel phones require minimal surface area on the desk and nightstand.

Interior designers appreciate the sophisticated extra thin, ultra-stylish body while guests enjoy the familiar, comfortable feel of a sleek, modern handset. The E Series Phones are explicitly engineered for hospitality applications. E Series hotel phones feature patented OneTouch voice mail technology for hands-free auto-dialing and retrieval, up to 12 guest service keys, and customizable faceplates.

Available in single and two-line, analog, VoIP, corded, and cordless configurations with or without built-in USB charging ports. Give your guests the elegance they deserve.