The DESCOR system – design meets functionality

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Hotel Pure, Würzbug, Germany | Implemented solution: DESCOR PREMIUM Acoustic partly with digital printing

Textile architecture with DESCOR by PONGS brings time savings and flexibility to interior design.

The textile wall and ceiling systems are the smart and modern alternative to conventional plasterboard and yet the only system with which an entire ceiling can be installed in just one day.

DESCOR stretch walls achieve an incomparably even, smooth result without filling and sanding. Bends, curves or complex structures can also be easily integrated. The assembly is clean, dirt-free and without long downtimes. This not only saves time in the uncomplicated setting up of the construction site, but also costs in transport and disposal.

At 250g per sq m, textile stretch walls and ceilings weigh 40 times less than around 10kg per sq m heavy plasterboard. In addition, the textile rolls are much easier to transport than bulky panels or comparable building materials.

DESCOR product range

The DESCOR system comprises a wide range of technical textiles for covering walls and ceilings.

According to different requirements, PONGS offers various aesthetic-functional products and is continuously developing the DESCOR system. Sound-absorbing, hygienically protective and other clever properties enable completely new room architectures.

Textile wall and ceiling systems can be used anywhere, whether new buildings or renovation, private houses and apartments or in hotels, restaurants and cafes, offices, meeting and conference rooms. PONGS textiles are even ideal for shopping centres, public institutions, schools, medical practices, kindergartens and sports halls.

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With more than 100 years of experience in the textile business, PONGS is today a world leader in developing and manufacturing technical and decorative fabrics.

  • Joel Lautenbach
  • [email protected]
  • Hotel Pure, Würzbug, Germany | Implemented solution: DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic partly with digital printing