Textural layers for Bespoke Bathroom Design from Kohler

by | 07 Sep 2022 | Products

The rise in popularity for texture in bathroom design is supported by the wide range of colours, materials and finishes available from Kohler Co.

As a leader in brassware design and development, Kohler prides itself on creating pieces which will enrich and enable an architect or interior designers’ vision through a huge spectrum of colour, finish, pattern and function.

“The uniformity which was once so popular in bathroom design is making way for a more varied approach, where a mixture of finishes and colours creates a rich highlight to a complementary design,” explains.Lun Cheak Tan, Kohler VP of Industrial Design.  

“Our collection of brassware speaks to this demand for spaces which are personalized, perhaps even unique to a project.” Whether a luxurious walk-shower with myriad hand showers, body jets and shower heads to fully immerse the user or a bathroom suite with complementary brassware which can soothe and refresh, we support the desire to elevate the everyday and immerse the senses.”

Kohler offers a broad spectrum of colours, including classic chrome through vibrant gold and brass to striking black. Ranging from warm brushed tones to brilliant, polished hues, these finishes can soften or define a bathroom aesthetic.

As tough as they are beautiful, the finishes resist corrosion twice as well as the industry standard; ideal for frequent use in luxury hotels and high-end developments. The finishes are created using a Physical Vapour Dispositon (PVD) coating, which is extremely resistant to scratching, tarnishing and corrosion and allows colours to remain vibrant.

Kohler offers this element of personalization to specifiers across its brassware ranges, with recent launches such as Statement, Anthem and Occasion already configured across a broad colour and finish spectrum.

For further information on Kohler’s global collections, please visit www.studiokohler.com



Kohler is a global leader in the design of bathrooms which elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. With experience on large scale and boutique hotel projects around the world, including its own golf and spa resorts, Kohler is synonymous with luxury and wellbeing-led spaces where guests can relax and recharge.