TECEprofil Compact 320: Compact toilet cistern creates design scope

With the narrow TECEprofil Compact 320 toilet module, compact installation situations and corner installations can be solved in a space-saving manner.

The bathroom is a small room with a large number of necessary functions and fixtures – so every centimetre counts. A new compact toilet flush module from the Münsterland-based domestic technology specialist TECE saves crucial centimetres: At just 320 millimetres wide, it is 18 centimetres narrower than the usual cistern. Despite its unobtrusive size, TECEprofil Compact 320 is a fully-fledged system cistern with a contemporary flush volume of seven litres – installed in a TECEprofil toilet module.

Installers and bathroom planners are accustomed to a lack of space: Angled floor plans, shafts and immovable fixtures in the bathroom such as water meters, shut-off valves or drain pipes often place restrictions on relaxed planning. Here, the compact cistern creates new free spaces in niches or, for example, also for corner installation of the toilet. The tank has two bevelled corners on the wall side, which not only saves space when the flush module is assembled in a corner, but also intuitively aids an isosceles installation.

The compact module can be attached to TECEprofil profile pipes and is also suitable for installation in metal or wooden stud walls and for single-block assembly. The cistern of the compact module is a completely new design with a smaller tank; the filling volume has been reduced to seven litres, which harmonises perfectly with the current, water-efficient toilet ceramics – enough water even for a quick flush.

Installation routines remain the same

For the professionals on the construction site, the compact module presents itself as an old acquaintance, because all the proven installation routines have been retained. The latest innovations, such as quick assembly using a tool-free adjustable installation tunnel and easy-fit flush plate assembly with pre-insertable screws, have already been implemented. The water connection is also compatible with quick-connect adapters, making hooking a thing of the past. On the waste water side, the drain bend holder, which is popular with installers, makes it easier to slide on the ceramic.

Convenient installation as with the universal cistern

The inner values are also right and conform to the TECE system: The whisper-quiet F10 filling valve is used, combined with a new 3-way corner valve that allows the installer to flush the pipe in compliance with the standard, even when installed. Naturally, the compact toilet module is also compatible with all manual, pneumatic and electronic flush plates in the wide TECE range. An upgrade set is also available for use with the TECEone shower toilet, which has been specially adapted to the module width of 32 cm.

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