TECEneo – addition to the TECE shower toilet family

The development was specifically focussed on the core areas of cleanliness, simplicity and sustainability. Minimum installation requirement – maximum hygiene comfort!

More and more people are turning to shower toilets. The sanitary expert TECE from Germany, has also recognised this growing trend and has already introduced a shower toilet to the market with TECEone, which provides effective cleaning and simple operation. Now the TECE shower toilet family continues to grow: during the development of the TECEneo, innovative, smart features were added to the core areas of cleanliness, simplicity and sustainability. In the spirit of the specialist trade, special attention was also paid to stress-free installation. With this addition to the range, TECE provides another strong argument in favour of the fact that effective hygiene does not require complicated electronics, a motorised system or even a remote control. A special feature: with the help of the retrofit design panel, even a conventional standard toilet can be easily converted into a convenient shower toilet – with virtually no mess or time-consuming drilling work.

A growing trend has been emerging in German bathrooms for some years now: the modern shower toilet. The models on offer differ fundamentally in the type of shower jet, the complexity of operation and the technology used. Under the motto “Reduce to the maximum”, TECEneo shows what really matters. Because the most important task of a shower toilet is thorough cleaning. TECEneo works with a high-volume, rich shower stream – with fresh water straight from the tap. This not only cleans surprisingly quickly, it also feels better. The operation is also impressive – with knobs on the side of the ceramic appliance, the water volume and temperature can be continuously adjusted simply by turning, making it easy to adapt to the individual needs of a wide range of users. The shower arm placed in the centre is activated and extended purely by the water pressure. A simple turn back and the shower arm moves in again.

Designed to simply make everyday life easier

TECEneo not only cleans thoroughly – it is also extremely easy to keep clean, an essential aspect for a bathroom hygiene product. Before and after using the shower arm, it is carefully rinsed when it is moved in and out. The cyclon flush thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl in a powerful swirl and is remarkably quiet. The cera clean surface coating provides additional protection against deposits and dirt. Another clever feature: thanks to the pre-fix attachment, the seat and lid can be easily removed. This means that even areas around the seat and hinges that are otherwise difficult to access can be cleaned effortlessly.

In addition to everyday convenience, TECEneo also impresses in terms of design – with high-quality ceramics, an elegant shape and no complicated electronics, TECEneo blends attractively into any modern bathroom environment. For exciting colour contrasts, the controls are available in various optical finishes, including brushed stainless steel, matt black stainless steel or white plastic. This means that there are no limits to individual design options. 

Installed in 30 minutes – explained in 5 minutes

The user-friendly installation of the TECEneo shower toilet saves a considerable amount of time and effort, a significant advantage for professionals on any construction site. There is no need for complicated installation of tanks, power connections or boilers – and no time-consuming preparation work is required. The latest member of the TECE shower toilet family can be installed within 30 minutes and its functionality explained to customers in just five minutes. The installation-friendly packaging, which has been specially developed to make installation easier, is particularly gentle on the back. To attach, TECEneo is simply pushed against the wall in the packaging and fixed in place using clamping wedges. Thanks to the pre-fix fastening technology with bolts that are permanently fixed without wobbling at the factory, the toilet seat is easy to attach and just as easy to remove again if required. The absence of any electronics or motorised system makes the shower toilet extremely durable and low-maintenance and ensures trouble-free operation.

In no time: TECE shower toilets are also suitable for retrofitting in existing buildings

TECE shower toilets are not only a real benefit for new builds. TECE shower toilets with a cold water-only function can also be quick and easily retrofitted in existing buildings and without an existing hot water connection: Thanks to a retrofit design panel, a conventional standard toilet without a power connection can easily be converted into a comfortable and hygienic shower toilet. This conversion does not require any complex construction or tiling work, drilling or chiselling and creates virtually no mess, which makes the installation extremely uncomplicated and customer-friendly. The retrofit design panel is a sandwich panel that is especially suitable for damp rooms and has various guide grooves on the back – also for the hot water connection. This means that the entire technology remains concealed behind the elegant surface. The design panel impresses both visually and functionally with a velvety matt anti-fingerprint surface made of abrasion- and scratch-resistant high-pressure laminate, which is not only stylish but also extremely easy to clean.

Here you can find out more: https://spotlight.tece.com.



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