Talenti brings elegant designer touch to the new Grand Hotel Victoria on Lake Como

by | 02 Jul 2021 | Products

Grand Hotel Victoria

Outdoor specialists complete the Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & Spa in Menaggio with a selection of refined furnishings, bringing with them the style and unmistakable elegance of made in Italy design.

The timeless quality of Talenti, a leading brand in the high-end outdoor furniture sector, was chosen to furnish the luxurious spaces of the Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & Spa in Menaggio, overlooking Lake Como, which has recently undergone an ambitious renovation and expansion project conceived by the architect Franco Pè and his architectural firm.

In renovating the hotel, part of the R Collection Hotels chain, the atmosphere of the old manor house was kept intact and the rooms created within the original structure. During the belle époque, this building – rich with memories – hosted half of the aristocratic families of Europe. In the hotel’s sophisticated rooms, history and tradition meet the modern design and incomparable charm of accessories by Talenti.

“I used Talenti products which, with their refined and functional design, perfectly integrated into the project, lending the historic wing of the building a fresh, dynamic flavour as well as integrating seamlessly with the modern wing, finding a harmonious fit in both the outdoor areas as well as in the spa and in the adjacent relaxation rooms,” says Pè. “I chose Talenti furnishings because their unique design adapts perfectly both in the redevelopment design of the historic building and in the expansion project of the accommodation facilities.”

The spa, an Eden of wellbeing

The true heart of the entire structure is the 1,200 sq m spa, equipped with a 20-metre swimming pool, an area in which furnishings from the iconic Casilda collection – designed by Ramón Esteve – have been placed, a perfect synthesis between the rationality of the geometries and the enveloping power of the fabrics, dominated by neutral tones.

With their minimal lines, the Casilda Sunbed and Casilda Daybed contribute to the exclusivity of the atmosphere, making it even more magical. In the context of the spa, inside the sauna room, there is also space for the sinuous and delicate shapes of the Breez bed, designed by Karim Rashid, with its curves that can instantly evoke intense sensations of wellbeing.

The relaxation garden

In its natural element, the outdoors, Talenti has given its best. The latest addition to the Talenti line, the Casilda Daybed, surrounds the large outdoor swimming pool, while the garden welcomes the compact seating of the Cottage collection designed by Ramón Esteve, easily adaptable to any context.

In the sumptuous outdoor environment of Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & Spa, the sofa and armchair from this collection combine perfectly with the seating from two other Talenti collections in the bar area: Moon Teak and Moon Alu designed by Cristian Visentin, furnishings animated by the lively contrast between the linearity of the shapes and the softness of the cushions.

On the other hand, the creativity of Marco Acerbis has made it possible to furnish other outdoor areas of the hotel: the dynamism and freshness of the Cleo Alu collection, with its coffee tables and Daybed solution, evoke the unmistakable inspiration of design – also clearly distinguishable in the Milo Alu dining table.

With its material contrasts and unexpected combinations, the elements of the Cleo Alu collection can emotionally engage any observer, communicating directly to the heart. Outside, there are also coffee tables from the Cleo Teak line, characterised by a strong personality able to stand out in even the most exclusive spaces.

The terraces

The terraces of the suites, from which you can admire a breathtaking view, are certainly worthy of notice. Here, tables and chairs from the Moon Teak collection have been incorporated, dominated by the warmth of natural teak, accented by the delicate sections of wrapped or interwoven cord.

Lighting design

In such a prestigious context, lighting becomes a tool for amplifying the beauty of spaces and furnishings. For this reason, alongside Talenti’s products, we also find accessories created by two premium-level brands.

Flos contributed to furnishing the hospitality areas and the luxurious rooms with its Noctambule Floor collections by Grcic, Captain Flint and Arrangements by Anastassiades and Wirering by Formafantasma.

The scenic staircase on the ground floor is embellished with a composition of Linea Light Group’s ring chandeliers.

The chandeliers, from the Tour collection by Linea Light Group, are characterised by an extra-slim section and represent the ideal solution for any environment where ample, uniform light is required; at the same time, thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame that seems to be floating in the air, guests are enveloped in a soft, pleasant light which creates an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

List of outdoor collections

Casilda daybed, Casilda sunbed, Cottage sofa and Cottage living armchair (design by Ramón Esteve), Breez sunbed and Breez 2.0 sunbed (design by Karim Rashid), Moon Teak and Moon Alu dining chairs, living armchairs, sun lounger, sofa and coffee table (design by Cristian Visentin), Milo Alu table, Cleo Alu daybed, coffee tables (design by Marco Acerbis).

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Talenti designs and produces outdoor furniture that comes to life thanks to the company’s natural penchant for aesthetic research and its collaboration with internationally renowned designers.

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