Special webinar on restarting hospitality: how to adapt to the new normal

by | 10 Jun 2020 | Events

Karla Pearce is the Senior Marketing Manager for Europe at Cvent.

Cvent’s Senior Marketing Manager for Europe, Karla Pearce, shares insights on what is most important to event planners in a post-Covid19 world.

Watch the on-demand webinar: “Restarting Hospitality: How to Adapt to the New Normal”, where Cvent’s Senior Marketing Manager for Europe, Karla Pearce, will discuss what will be most important in a restart, including hybrid events and health and safety.

As countries move out of lockdown and hospitality restarts its engine, there will be a growing importance for hotels and venues to take stock and rethink the way they do business.

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted responsibilities, priorities and challenges for event planners and corporate travel managers. Because of this, MICE and transient landscapes are shifting.

Karla Pearce, Senior Marketing Manager for Europe at Cvent, covers:

  • The impact COVID-19 has had on hospitality and travel
  • Where we go as an industry from here: what do we focus on?
  • What it takes to succeed in the new normal
  • Cvent’s restart checklist

This on-demand webinar is geared towards giving hotels and venues the best chance at a restart, while providing a plethora of tips and best practices to drive inspiration. From food and beverage strategies to using digital tools to operationalise social distancing, don’t miss out on these crucial insights.

Watch the webinar here.


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