Shower toilet AquaClean Sela from Geberit @ Wellnest in Bonn, Germany

Geberit is proud to present our outstanding AquaClean products at Wellnest.

Private temporary wellness oasis 

Whoever wants wellness including privacy will find happiness at Wellnest. The hotel-style spa offer can be booked for a limited time – the private “Wellnests” provide an all-round experience. Including a shower toilet for cleaning your bum. 


Cologne, Hamburg, Essen – and now Bonn. With its charming combination of relaxation and luxury, Wellnest is nesting in major German cities. Wellness including privacy is the concept. The young company offers temporary private spa areas – but “not just for the top ten thousand” people, as Managing Director Marc André Pfeiffer puts it. “The idea comes from the upscale hotel sector, but we want to make the luxury of a private spa area an experience for everyone.” 


Booking runs by the hour 

The spa concept is a kind of hotel, but also isn’t. Bookings are made in a similar way to a hotel – but by the hour, during the day, not at night. Last check-in is at 10 p.m., then the maximum spa time is 2 hours.  

The experience includes a whirlpool, sauna, experience shower and a relaxation area. There are 18 retreats, or wellness nests, in the Bonn oasis. Each covers around 35 square metres – including a sanitary facility with Geberit AquaClean Sela shower toilet.  

Intimate hygiene also plays a role in the Wellnest. The high-quality shower toilets ensure comfortable cleaning of the buttocks. They are conveniently operated via a wall-mounted control panel.  


A shower toilet fan 

The decision in favour of shower toilets was made by the company founder and Managing Director himself. “I’ve had a Geberit shower toilet for five years – and I’m a fan,” says Marc André Pfeiffer. Shower toilets have found their way into the Wellnest because of the hygiene. “They are simply more hygienic than cleaning with toilet paper.” The Geberit AquaClean shower toilet is also easy to handle, clean and operate. 

And it fits in well with the overall design, which is also characterised by Geberit products beyond the shower toilet. Be it the round VariForm countertop washbasin or the white Sigma20 actuator plate with design rings in matt white. “The brand fit is there. Geberit and Wellnest both offer high-quality products paired with top design.” 

The opening of the Nest in Bonn is by no means the end of the story. Wellnest is on course for expansion, with more cities to follow. And Marc André Pfeiffer also wants to continue planning with Geberit products.  


Sela: Designer shower toilet from Geberit AquaClean | Geberit UK



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