Shaw Contract introduces Community Collection for hospitality-centric environments

by | 20 Mar 2020 | Suppliers

Community’s flexibility provides unlimited options for designers

Shaw Contract, a design leader in commercial flooring solutions and surfaces, has launched Community, a collection created to give designers unlimited options to meet the demands of the new hospitality-centric environments.

The spaces where we rest, play, work and learn no longer serve a single purpose. They are a reflection of the people who occupy them and the activities that take place within them. As the needs of communities change, both locally and globally, communal spaces are becoming more fluid and flexible, more layered and diverse. Community embraces these shifts – it’s a multi-platform collection with a versatile suite of solutions to bring context and intention to each area within a space.

“This is mega collection revolving around the concept of collaboration and community,” said Ace Le, Marketing Director for South East and North East Asia. “The vast offerings – including carpet tile and engineered vinyl tile (EVT) options manufactured in Asia, and running line and custom broadlooms manufactured in USA – allow optimal flexibility for architects and designers to create sophisticated, layered spaces that foster community.”

The collection’s rich diversity and strong visual impact come from the surprising interplay of organic lines and shapes, their imperfections coming together and drawing apart in seemingly random ways. Bold pops of color interspersed throughout the strong graphics create a tactile and visual dialogue that intrigues and welcomes.

To gain a deeper understanding of the thread of community from modern iterations back to its purest inceptions, the Shaw Contract design team traveled to the heart of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where artisan communities have practiced their crafts for millennia. Working side by side with women in the local cooperatives, the team explored the strength of tradition and the trust of process. The spirit of community was in full effect.

Coming away from the immersion, the design team found beauty in spontaneous design and experimented with new ways to contrast pattern and texture. Trusting the process, they strayed freely from original concepts, and brought together advanced techniques with back-to-basics freehand drawing. The result is Community: a collective of products with colors and patterns that honor the heritage of community, and awaken our sense of kinship.

“Our process is customer-centric,” said Lifestyle Studio Manager, John Crews. “Community’s offerings allow us to partner alongside customers to create layered, diverse spaces that foster community. We want to share in experiences and learning to bring together the best possible design result.”

Community is both a human desire and an instinct of nature. Design has the power to build community by creating communal spaces that draw people together. Now, the thread of community continues, as architects and designers use this versatile collection to create the spaces that foster communities everywhere.


About Shaw Contract

At Shaw Contract, we believe that the ground beneath your feet should have a positive impact on how you live, learn, work, heal and play. We strive for design excellence in everything we do – from conception to production to installation, it’s what sets us apart. We make flooring that delivers a purposeful blend of design elements, materiality, sustainability and performance. Every day we take on creative challenges to research, design and innovate flooring solutions that transform spaces across the globe.



At Shaw Contract, we believe that the ground beneath your feet should have a positive impact on how you live, learn, work, heal and play.




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