Serving trays with an eye for detail supplied by Hotel Supply International

by | 31 Mar 2022 | Products

Tea & Coffee Tray

Design hospitality tray by Hotel Supply International: functional and decorative aluminum tray, with an exchangeable recycled leather inlay. You can place tea, milk & sugar in the small bowls and coffee capsules in the round openings of the leather inlay. Available in different colours.

Fine and elegant serving trays for your rooms

It is always a good idea to have nice and stylish serving trays for the hotel room or F&B areas. Why? They can be used for much more than just serving food. At Hotel Supply International we offer a series of functional and beautiful serving trays. Take a look at our selection and find the ones that fit perfectly into your hotel.

Serving trays in different sizes and looks

Among our selection of serving trays, you will find different sizes. They are made in small, medium, large and mini, which makes it easy for you to find the right tray that fits well for different purposes. You will also find serving trays with either high or low edges in different colours.

Change the appearance of your serving trays

Our serving trays are either made of steel or aluminium. Common to both types is that they contain a base of recycled leather. This allows you to change the appearance on your serving trays as it pleases you. At the same time, our recycled leather also makes it easy to clean. For the tea & coffee trays we can also customize the inlay to your wishes as from 50 units.

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