Save! Smart sanitation for a sustainable future from Laufen

by | 08 Jan 2022 | Products

Rimless and wall-mounted, Save! means not having to compromise on comfort or hygiene

Time to rethink wastewater management – add a substantial sustainability dimension to your hospitality project with the award-winning Save! from Laufen.

For hotel groups and designers looking for a substantial sustainability dimension to their project, Save! provides an opportunity to rethink wastewater management towards a decentralised, circular wastewater management system, which has benefits to both agriculture and biodiversity in rivers and oceans, whilst providing a clear brand differentiator for hotel groups.

In recognition of the principles of the circular economy, Save! is a pioneering urine separation toilet that takes a step towards sustainable wastewater management by preserving the nutrients contained in urine and at the same time protecting the environment from harmful substances.

Its smart design is gaining ever more recognition, including being awarded the Design Preis Schweiz in November 2021.

The key innovation in Save! is the urine trap, created by EOOS Design. It uses the hydrodynamic principle of the teapot effect to conduct the urine towards a concealed outlet using only surface tension.

The intelligent design of the ceramic body ensures that the urine separation occurs irrespective of whether the toilet is used by a man, a woman or a child. Laufen has applied this principle to the wall-mounted WC, achieving an elegant aesthetic that can be integrated into sophisticated bathroom designs without any compromises.

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