Save energy and CO2 when showering – it’s simple

The new designer shower channels from KALDEWEI promise architects and builders sophisticated aesthetics and easy handling to enable lightning-fast cleaning. Underneath the branded shower channel in selected surfaces there is an additional feature that can be used to noticeably reduce the energy requirement for the shower. The channel in the “Heatrecovery” version has a heat exchanger that is fully integrated in the waste channel invisible to the user, which saves energy and less CO2 is produced.

A feast for the senses – a benefit for sustainability

Hot water requires a similar amount of energy as heating does; and up to 80 percent of the total amount of hot water created is required for showering.  In recent years the focus has been on developmenting ways to heat more efficiently and using less energy but a lot of hot water is wasted as it flows unused down the drain.  That no longer has to be the case; with the new KALDEWEI “FlowLine Heatrecovery” shower channel, heat from the shower water is used to preheat the cold fresh water on its way to the shower fitting. A heat exchanger integrated into the waste ensures efficient heat recovery so significantly less hot water needs to be added to guarantee a pleasantly warm shower temperature. In the spirit of sustainability this saves energy, noticeably reduces costs and reduces the carbon footprint.

The new KALDEWEI shower channels were designed by the internationally renowned Studio Aisslinger and meet the highest standards. Usual practicable handling for easy opening and closing of the cover, great flexibility in the positioning of the channel, the large variety of dimensions, along with the exclusive colours and surfaces, means the branded channel is set to become a real gem in the bathroom.



KALDEWEI offers bathrooms of superior quality and unmistakable style, with shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins made completely of one material.