room2 Chiswick – LUXSTAINABILITY® – the ideal example

KALDEWEI is delighted to work alongside the Lamington Group; to be part of the highly sustainable and eco-friendly room2 Chiswick hometel.

Alongside the sustainable and energy efficiency aspects, the hometel takes its design inspiration from the Arts & Crafts movement and rebellion against the homogenization of design. room2 Chiswick offers guests something that feels real, a space that ditches plastic veneers in favour of stonewashed linen, reclaimed timber, natural recyclable products, and handmade touches crafted by local artisans. Every facet of the hotel, from the furniture, fixtures, fittings, and carpets, have been selected because of the sustainability, attitude towards the environment and carbon footprint.

The rooms are both quirky and stylish, functional yet friendly, a mixture of hand-crafted combined with state-of-the-art energy saving elements. There are 86 bespoke bedrooms and the ensuite in each is fitted with KALDEWEI’s Cayonoplan shower surface plus waste system with matching cover. The Alpine white surface works perfectly with the elegantly designed bathrooms. The finish is extremely durable and can only be scratched by a diamond and stains can be easily removed.

KALDEWEI was the perfect partner as the business is also committed to helping the environment. All KALDEWEI products are manufactured from 100% recyclable steel enamel and last year the company took another step towards becoming a carbon neutral business; when it started manufacturing with bluemint® Steel, a balance-oriented CO2-reduced steel which will lessen emissions by 70 percent. KALDEWEI also has a long-term commitment with the WWF working with them in Vietnam on a project designed to prevent large amounts of plastic from entering the seas via rivers and canals in the Mekong Delta every year.

room2 Chiswick was created with a similar mindset and ethos, embracing sympathetic technology to achieve pioneering energy efficiencies, some of which has been developed in house. The hometel has two labs collecting data on water and energy use, along with air quality. This is combined with knowledge derived from guest requirements helping the room2 Chiswick team to refine, improve and ultimately increase energy efficiency.

Renewable energy is maximised on site; for example, ultra-low flow pressure showers use less water with aerated water fixtures and ultra-energy efficient lighting and appliances are combined with occupancy sensors across the building. The blue roof reduces localised flooding by slowly discharging up to 50,000 litres of rainwater, and the green roof boasts 200 tonnes of soil and wildflowers, planted to increase biodiversity, and absorb CO2, along with beehives and bug hotels.

KALDEWEI has an extensive portfolio of over 600 durable award-winning steel enamel bathroom solutions, delivering the perfect sustainable material choice for any bathroom design with its versatile and flexible solutions. This combined with its commitment to sustainability made it the ideal bathroom solution for room2 Chiswick.



KALDEWEI offers bathrooms of superior quality and unmistakable style, with shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins made completely of one material.