Rollglass+ by KLEIN®: A unique recessed architectural sliding glass wall system

by | 20 Apr 2020 | Products

Ushuaïa Beach Hotel – Ibiza / Architects: Estudio Vila 13 / KLEIN Rollglass+ sliding systems

Rollglass+ unique design combines fixed interior architectural glass walls to sliding glass doors. Its easy and intuitive assembly ensures architects, interior designers and installers complete architectural integration, especially in case of recessed mounting into dropped ceiling.

Rollglass+ technological perfection, compactness andminimalism has been honored with the prestigious Red Dot Award ProductDesign 2018. With 89 yearsexpertise in architectural interior systems, Klein Rollglass+technology reaffirms the brand’s core values: superior end user’s experiencethrough the perfect answer to professionals’ design choices, space planningpriorities and installation needs. Rollglass+ unique design provides quickand easy two stages assembly, owing to its recessed pre-framespecially created for recessed applications into dropped ceiling.

Thesystem’s most notable innovations are:- Specialpre-frame structure for dropped ceilings: permits convenient phasedinstallation and facilitates assembly and maintenance of the mechanisms.- Newconnection system to join profiles to the plasterboard, ensuring that thesystem and its wings are invisible.

– NewKLEIN+ clamp, which centralizes the features of the system: height adjustment,damper brake systems, etc.- Newcompact Klein Soft Closing mechanisms for doors up to 150kg. Thereare many benefits to Rollglass+’s intuitive assembly for drop ceilings:o Setsup an invisible sliding architectural glass front system with perfect finishes,and without any visible aluminium flaps!o Reducesproject execution times.o Preventsbreakage.o Ensuresa pure installation.o Allowsadjustments to be made once assembled. Technologyand designcontribute to the final result: a floor-to-ceiling glass finish, without anyvisible system or flaps.

Your hospitality project, just as you imagined!Rollglass+ is also available as exposed mounted ontothe ceiling alternative. Its versatile tone range includes elegantClassic Silver finish, bold Matte Black and deep Matte Dark Bronze.Internationallyrecognized Ift-Rosenheim label certifies that both Rollglass+ and its KSC-KleinSoft Closing braking mechanism have been tested to more than 100,000 cycles(EN1527 standard).Rollglass+architectural sliding glass wall systems benefit from Klein’s standard 5 yearswarranty.Visit to get to know our systems or share a project with us.Followus on:Instagram: @Klein_sliding_doors



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