Revol: When designers draw their inspiration from ceramic material

The Pekoe and Caractère collections, the result of collaborations with designers

Revol, the 250-year-old manufacturer of culinary porcelain, has been a great source of inspiration for designers of any kind by offering them the opportunity to explore connections to a living and technical material.

Working with an external designer, who may be foreign to the field of tableware, is an interesting way to bring a fresh perspective and explore new possibilities together. Such collaborations can sometimes be initiated by the company, or by an artist wanting to get experience and be involved in this field because of a specific project or idea.

The process behind a new collection: A collaborative work

Revol collaborates with people sensitive to the French art of living, who bring in a new approach as they do not have the same constraints in mind when imagining a design.

The factory and designer work side by side all along this process: while the designer is given some freedom to come up with the concept of the products, Revol has to take into account the technical constraints of production.

For example, the Pekoe collection brought new challenges as its very precise shapes and high level of detail require meticulous gestures.

The porcelain manufacturer’s expertise and these designers’ talents and personal touch are combined, resulting in amazing collections.

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance: Highlighting black clay with Caractère

The renowned designer was part of the celebration of the 250-year anniversary of Revol with the launch of Caractère and got inspired by his visit to the factory.

Fascinated with the black clay, he enhanced it through a thick black line circling the pieces. It took months of research for the manufactory to get the right thickness of this line and the height of the edges. The black clay subtly intersperses the pieces and the rhythm of their height perfectly describes the movement of a practiced gesture, a real choreography of craftmanship.

The charcoal line is the symbol of Caractère, but this collection is also noticeable by the importance given to the research of colours. Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance came with the colour palette, then his colours ideas were developed internally by Revol.

Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance (imagery: © Sanda Pagaimo)

Lucas Frank: The subtle curves of Pekoe

This partnership came from a mutual wish of Lucas Frank and Revol. The porcelain manufacturer was glad to associate with this emerging French design star from the region.

Lucas Frank’s study of the technical properties of the porcelain, and more precisely the heat transfer through grooves and the practical use of objects, made him come up with a tea set idea. It was the perfect timing for Revol to extend its offer for hot beverages like tea.

Pekoe combines Lucas Frank’s mastery of black clay and the technical performances of Revol, which has given us a beautiful tea service. The product of a finely tuned harvest retaining only the young shoots, Pekoe tea gives its name to this set in a homage to its delicate design and superb quality.

Lucas Frank (imagery: © Franck Hamel)

Revol is expecting to introduce more new collections developed in collaboration with talented designers, so look forward to it!



Revol Porcelain is a French family-owned culinary porcelain manufacturer since 1768, blending tradition with innovation.