REFLET, the magic of reflection

by | 08 Nov 2022 | Products

Reflet is Mirage’s new collection for architecture. It is the result of more than two years of research that the company conducted together with Andrea Boschetti to introduce an absolutely innovative technical product to the ceramic market.

In fact, the technology developed offers a reflective weather-resistant architectural material in different shades, which allows endless stories to be told about the relationship between architecture, nature and its settings.

Reflet makes it possible to imagine architecture as multifaceted pieces of the “grammar” of landscapes. Just like light, reflection in architecture is a structural, as well as narrative element of the form itself.

Deciding to create a shape that reflects something first of all means designing architecture that can listen, speak and establish dual relationships with nature and its surroundings.

Of course, we are talking about an opportunity, an architectural tool whose depth of meaning, beauty and other qualities depend exclusively on those who decide how to stage this relationship.

Paraphrasing Gio Ponti “The most resistant element is not cement, nor is it wood, stone, steel or glass. The most resistant material in construction is art.”

This is why the Reflet collection is not only an exclusive ceramic component but also a new flexible, customisable and long-lasting tool that offers endless opportunities to create dual and poetic narratives with nature and places. A luxury!

Reflet is available in the 20×60 size and in the Antique finishes, with an antiqued mirror effect, and Sketch, with a matt effect and luminous finishes and accents.